Nov 10th 2013 Meeting minutes:
Attendees: Melli, Sadhana, Rajeev, Priya


Rajeev gave a brief overview of sahanivasa project. There are a couple of changes in the project proposal this year.
1) Sahanivasa is proposing only 5 high school centers (as against the usual 10 high school centers). Sahanivasa intends to pick up another 5 high schools potentially by next year to get to a total of 10 centers again.
2) Sahanivasa intends to start an RTE campaign in chittor district to ensure proper implementation of the law. The proposal is an awareness campaign that will target 100s of villages.
Highlights from Last year’s report:
- Achieved 100% graduation rate for all students attending Sahanivasa centers.
- Out of 459 10th class graduates, 422 students (92%) have gone for higher education. (of the remaining 18 stayed back in villages and 19 have gone for self-employment).
Budget changes:
Sahanivasa is requesting that the teachers salaries be increased due to high inflation in the cost of living. Proposed increase:
For primary school teachers: increase the salary of each teacher from Rs. 600 / month to Rs. 700 / month
For High school teachers: increase the salary from Rs. 1200/month to Rs.1500/month
The increase in the cost this year due to higher salaries will be partly be offset due to the reduction in the number of high school centers being taken up. But this will go up again from next year when the number of high school centers will go up to 10 centers again.

Proposed Budget: 
For 15 primary school centers Rs. 495,500
For 5 high school centers Rs.325,200

Vote: 4 Yes, 0 No, 0 Abstain

SVYM Mobile science van:

Melli gave the highlights of her site visit. The project is running smoothly and has evolved a lot since 2009 when it started of as science lab equipment in a van. The project now includes providing resident lab kits to schools, teacher training and mentoring. The project is implementing an interesting concept of a "Question Box" where students drop a note about all the questions they have and the SVYM staff will address those questions when they visit each school. There were a few questions regarding budget items which needed clarification from the project partner. Melli will get the answers and will set up an online vote for the project.

Online vote: 4 Yes, 0 NO, 1 Abstain

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