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Jayati has been supporting Agragati, via Hijli Inspiration, for 1 year now.  The seems to be doing ok but there are still several issues which Jayati is concerned about:

  • selective answering of the questions she poses
  • no clear strategy and direction
  • growth of the project without a solid grasp of the fundamentals of its mission
  • questionable results from the ASER examination done of the children at the school

Despite these concerns, Jayati is still committed to trying to see Agragati become successful and will support them this year, though her contribution will be reduced relative to last year as per her previous decision to taper off funding.  Her continued support will be contingent upon Agragati and Inspiration answering her questions more promptly and completely and having a better sense of the outcomes being achieved by Agragati.


Site Visit - October 2015

Site Visit Report October 2015.docx


Budget Proposal

Final Budget Aggregate 2016-17.xlsx


Hijli Inspiration FCRA




Vote for project disbursal

Vote was for disbursal of 873,000 INR over two instalments (The first half will be disbursed now and the second half, contingent upon better, more responsive communication from Agragati and Inspiration, will either be disbursed in two quarters or as another half depending on Jayati's evaluation of promptness and completion of responses to her e-mails to Agragati and Inspiration)

Yes: 6

No: 0

Abstain: 0







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