(tick) indicates vote was taken and approved

DateProjectsOther items

Kamlakar(tick), SEED(tick), Navsarjan FCRA update,

New Proposal KSV, VTCL cards

Lata Event, Asha AZ Satellite
2017-02-05BSPES, KSV2016 ARC late vote(tick), Lata Event
2017-03-05BSPESLata Event
2017-04-16KSV(tick), SEED, BSPES, New Proposal BETLata Event Review, Asha-26 announcement,

Sahanivasa(tick), New Proposal Deenabandhu,

New Proposal Unnamed Proj in MP, New Proposal Reward Trust

ARC 2017(tick)
2017-06-11Karthi's Fellowship(tick), BSPES(tick)Sandeep Pandey Talk announcement
2017-07-09FoC(tick), DeenabandhuSandeep's Talk, ISW & IAGB events
2017-08-14VTCL(tick), Deenabandhu(tick), KSVARC 2017 discussion, IAGB event
2017-09-10Sahanivasa, Mobile Science Van 

FoC(tick), KSV(tick), BSPES WAH 2016(tick) ,

SEED Narpanigal(tick), SVYM-Mobile Science Van(tick)

ARC 2017(info)
2017-11-12BSPES(tick), FoC(tick), New Proposal - Pawan Public SchoolPhoenix AZ Chapter, April Fundraiser planning
2017-11-21REWARD Trust(tick)Asha AZ vote and Asha Boston vote
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