• Discuss funding request for ACRD
  • funding request involves both continuing funding for Bonpura school. Rs: 1, 88, 500
  • Barkuchi school continuing funding for teachers at Rs.3,60,000
  • One time funding request for upgrade of school building at Barkuchi. Currently mud walls and thatch roof: upgrade to concrete walls and metal roof for Rs. 4,99,500

Discussion items

15 minACRD continuing budgetRama Kumanduri
  • Submitted budget request for Bonpura and Barkuchi schools
15 minACRD Barkuchi school fundingRama KumanduriBudget request for upgrade of Barkuchi school walls to concrete and upgrade roof

Action items

  • Rama Kumanduri to upload to ASHA wiki and start funding disbursement process

Discussion: This was a follow on meeting to earlier call where updates from ACRD were discussed. 

Rama Kumanduri mentioned that the funding disbursement process seems to have changed and passwords no longer working. It was agreed to test out the new links.

Decision: Committee approved both funding requests (continuing funding to Barkuchi and Bonpura) and one time construction costs at Barkuchi. The committee approved the funding request for the school building for Rs. 4,99,500 and the continuing funding for Barkuchi school at Rs. 3, 60, 000. In addition, the Bonpura funding request was approved at Rs. 1,88,500.

Funding Request 1: Barkuchi construction: Rs. 4,99,500

Funding Request 2: Teacher funding and Barkuchi and Bonpura: Total Rs:5,48,500. 

The approval for both funding requests was 5 in favor, none opposed and none abstaining.

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