• To discuss and approve funding for Arogyaseva Kehlwadi program & Snehalaya
  • Discuss WAH
  • Budget
  • Discuss chapter continuation
  • Discuss ARC proposal

Discussion items


Arogyaseva Khelwadi- Sreejit presented the site visit report by Amith. He explained how Amith and his wife were very impressed with the work Varsha and her group of volunteers were doing in such a remote part with very limited resources. The children were very happy when they met them and they also quized the kids and found that they were able to answer. The local balmitras where very enthusiastic and they found a sense of social responsibility in them. So of these balmitras also wanted to go to the city for higher education but since they have to support their family the could not do much. Ganesh suggested that we could help the balmitras with higher education through some of Asha's projects. Pallavi mentioned that Varsha been very diligent about providing frequent updates and maintaining good records and accounts. Sreejit presented the new proposal for 13 when Khelwadis. So the difference in the cost between last year and this year is Rs 10lack Vs Rs 13 lacks. The difference in cost is due to increased training for the balmitras and additional outdoor site visits for teachers and students. Krishnakanth pointed out that the proposal had a few mathematical errors. Sreejit obtained a revised budget with necessary corrections
The team voted to support the project for the entire 13 Kehlwadis. We would support it in 2 phases of 6 months each. First phase disbursement will be Rs 700,000 immediately. We will disburse the rest of the amount after 6 months based on performance of the project
Krishnakanth- yes
Ganesh- Yes
Sreejit- yes
Pallavi- yes
Thihal- yes
Dr. Varanasi- yes (by email- see below)
Raj Gosavi- yes (by email see below)
Snehalaya- Pallavi presented the Snehalaya update. Recently the site visit was completed by Ravi Durvas but we are waiting for the official report. When Pallavi spoke to Ravi he said that everything seemed to be in order and as usual Snehalaya is doing an awesome job. Ravi visited the school and other sub projects that Snehalaya was doing. Pallavi will share report as soon as she receives it. 
Pallavi discussed the proposal from Snehalay. Since the site visit was late we missed the boat on supporting the school supplies and uniform that we do every year. This time they have presented a budget support the science lab, salary of different personnel, transportation of kids etc. She proposed that we support the teachers salary alone which is Rs 10,80,000. There was a discussion around this and whether we should support the science lab too. We discussed the funds availability. Ganesh updated that we could support the teachers but not both. We decided that we will support the teachers and if there is money left at the end of the year we will support the science lab.
The money will be disbursed in 2 installments of 6 months. Money to be disbursed immediately is Rs 5,40,000 
Krishnakanth- yes
Ganesh- Yes
Sreejit- yes
Pallavi- yes
Thihal- yes
Dr. Varanasi- yes (by email)
Budget- Ganesh updated that we either have approx $44,000 (As per visibility) or $66,000 (as per asha treasurer) Even if we assume the $44,000 we would be able to support all 3 projects as follows
Snehalaya- ~5K from WAH. ~10K that we usually support. Total 15K
Khelwadi ~20K
Shaaron school balance amount ~ 6K.
This will be a grand total of ~41k which will still be within our reach.
WAH- The team voted to have Arogyaseva-Khelwadi be represented by Asha Toledo. Sreejit will be the WAH representative
Chapter Succession plan-
We discussed at lenght how people are graduating and we need to find ways to bring new volunteers if not chapter might cease to exist. Also Asha Wide is bringing new laws which will affect the chapter such as ARC proposal to have 6 members vote on all projects which could be difficult for a small chapter like Toledo. 
Ganesh emphasized that we need to get community members and working toledo students living in Toledo involved. Also he proposed that we make a meet up group. Thihal or Krishna will have to be the meetup coordinators
Thihal proposed that we have a get together at Dr Varanasi's house soon after the exams are over in August and then right after new students arrive. Thihal will lead this.
Sreejit- is going to reach out to a few friends in Toledo to get them involved
Krishna- is going to talk to Thihal's teaching assistants and a couple of ISCO memebrs

Email approvals


Raj Gosavi

Jul 30 (2 days ago)
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Jul 28 (4 days ago)
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Arogyaseava   YES
Snehalaya        YES

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