Discussion items

30minGSK update for second roomMohit
  • 4 teachers now
  • New second room
  • 48 to 90 students
  • 20 more kids in second half of year
  • 4 lacs for the whole room (first one funded by Asha-Austin)
  • 38k unutilized out of 4.36 lacs
  • Vote to allow GSK reuse this for the second one:
    Yes (5) No (0)
45minMathru FoundationArvind Rao
  • Arvind introduced the project to Subra and Bharath, who are new to Mathru
  • No infrastructure expenditure planned for the year 2017-18. Malathiji is waiting to expand the student strength to 30 before considering any more infrastructure work.
  • 55k is stable recurring donations for each year
  • Surgery expenses are difficult to predict, depends on the child's need, progress, success and improvement from surgery, etc. Mathru gets discounted rates for surgeries that typically cost 1 lac and 40k in INR each.
  • Savings to reserves is usually 2-3 months of expenditure to the corpus funds
  • Arvind went over the questions from the previous two meetings and updated the team on the expenditure of 2016-17 and budget for 2017-18
  • Discussed the staff salaries recurring per month along with the designations and job descriptions
  • Went over the student list
  • Ranga updates on the projects overview for Mathru, plan for the upcoming years, and why the Asha-Austin budget amount is 12.5k USD, which is ~25% higher than its Year 1 funding amount of ~10k USD. This will be Year 3 for Mathru.
  • Update template spreadsheet with actual Audit report numbers for 2016-17 when available, and understand their income better
  • Have we talked to the other Trustees? - No, All of the interactions have been with Malathiji.
  • Right now, Asha-Austin's support is towards 40% of Mathru's operating expenses, which is on the higher side
  • Asha-Austin would like to work with Mathru to help push this down, for the overall sustainability and welfare of the project
  • AI: Arvind Rao to check with Malathiji on the prospects of hiring a grant writer to pursue proposals for grants with corporates/foundations.
  • Vote to support Mathru Foundation for 12.5k USD for Rs.8,00,00 at 64 rupees per dollar for year 2017-18.
  • Yes (5) No (0)
45minSoH updateSubra
  • 10 min orientation of each project every 2-3 weeks during the long runs on Saturdays for Team Asha's SOH
  • Arvind Rao volunteered to talk about Martha on Sept 23rd run
  • Fundraising workshop to be held for the runners to help them with understanding Asha-Austin projects and fundraising strategies better
10minARC Proposal Cycle 2MohitNo time, Next time

Action items

  • Mohit Sood - Understand the project needs better for the second room in Girirajpura, find their funding partners and likely shortfall
  • Arvind Rao - Update template spreadsheet with actual audit report numbers for 2016-17 when available, and understand their income better
  • Arvind Rao - Check with project partners on hiring a grant writer to reduce dependence on Asha-Austin's contribution over the next 2-3 years
  • Arvind Rao - Check on FCRA renewal for Mathru, current one expires Nov 2017

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