• Vote on renewal of funding for Shaaron school
  • Vote for ARC proposal
  • Discuss transition of responsibiliites
  • Discuss Asha Toledo website changes

Meeting Minutes

Hi All

The following is the final minutes and votes based on our meeting and votes by email.
Shaaron School Project Renewal of funding

Ganesh presented the project and the quarterly report. The school has made progress by increasing the number of students to 47. They are starting vocational training to teach them to make Phenyl. With this in mind couple of teachers are going to Trichy and Chennai to learn how to make it. This will help them generate some funds for the school. They are trying to hire a new staff member since Selvaraj has left. Asha Toledo has asked the chapter to hold on the salary of Selvaraj and not use it for other purposes or disburse it among other teachers. Toledo will still send out money for 5 special educators as the school is in the process of hiring a new one. If they end up not hiring a new person this year and only next year we will decrease the money we send them next year. Vote for sending Rs 3,60,000 for Nov to April for 5 teachers
Ganesh - yes
Sreejit- yes
Anuja- yes
Sreenthat - yes
Krishna- yes
Thihal- yes
Pallavi - yes (by email)
No of yes = 7
Asha Toledo website
Sreenath has updated the website. The remaining changes will be completed by tomorrow and send an email to Asha webmaster. Sreenath and Ganesh to work together to update some of the project info

Chapter Responsibility Changes
Krishnakant Patel has volunteered to be the new Chapter Coordinator- Discussed in the meeting and everybody agreed
Thihal Ponnaiyan has volunteered to be the new Chapter Treasurer - Discussed in the meeting and everybody agreed
Team voted on the various ARC proposals sent out to them. Some of the votes are pending but they will get back by tomorrow. The team agreed that even if we have 1 vote in excess of yes or no (Tie breaker vote), the over all vote will be considered yes or no. Dr. Varanasi and Pallavi still need to vote by email. If we do not hear from them we will consider only the participants below
Krishna - No
Anuja- yes
Sreenath to - yes
Sreejit- No
Ganesh - No
Thihal- no
Pallavi-No (by email)
Overall - No
Anuja -yes
Krisha -yes
Sreejit - yes
Ganesh- yes
Sreenath- yes
Thihal -yes
Sreejit -0.5%
Anuja- 0.5%
Sreenath- 0.5%
Krishna- 1.5%
Ganesh- 1.5%
Pallavi-1% (by email)
Avg=1 so final vote =1
Sreenath- No
Anuja  -No
Sreejit -No
Krishna- No
Thihal -No
Ganesh- No
Final vote =No
yes by all
Audit policy
Yes by all
Collecting input matrix from all Asha projects

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