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  • 2018 ARC cycle 1 discussion notes from Asha Stamford



Hi All,
Please look at the arc proposals soon. Here is my summary...
1. Asha-wide fundraising campaigns like WAH. Part 1 of this question is not worth worrying about. Part 2 is tricky. They are asking volunteers to be involved in the calls on weekly basis and if we don’t join the calls and submit a marketing plan, we won’t get share of the campaign funds. We have had tough time to get volunteers to attend monthly meetings, not sure if we can have people join calls and submit plans. If somebody takes on that responsibility, happy to support it. Let me know what you guys think of the requirements there.
2. Changes to the nomination policy. Main thing here is if one of you is applying for ash wide role, you will have to do self appraisal on a std form. Seems reasonable.
3. Logo change. I am in favor of change because our current looks outdated but I am not necessarily thrilled by current choices. Like version 3 but might get too tall for certain uses and also prefer the tag line in smaller font.
4. Site visit consulting program. They want to establish a site visit consulting program to support areas like the ones we sponsor. I think it is a no brained for us and we should all vote yes for this one.

All ok for me except number 1.  I agree it is tough to have the volunteer bandwidth to do this.  I think we can still fund our schools even without WAH revenue.

Well we can only because of the reserves. Having said that, I thought you are the main contributor to wah. I will look back and try and figure out how much we get from wah yearly.
Also, I don’t mind 1 either. In fact, if we volunteer, it might be another source of revenue for us


I think we get some from General pool as well and some from WAH.  That is my impression but you all will know what is the current status

My votes: 
(1) No
(2) Yes
(3) Yes
(4) ?? Probably yes, but what is this consulting program?

Sorry reread the details- if by (1) they mean active volunteer chapters only can propose and use WAH funds, that’s fair enough. So my vote would be yes for that too

Yes to all except first one. Consulting program can set up regular scheduled visits

Yes to all except the first one.

I am yes to all. First one, it is fair to get funding if u volunteer. I was worried because Anita usually puts our project in wah. If she is okay with 1, I think we should all consider saying yes to 1 as well. Please read it and if u want to still say no, so be it

If we find the volunteer for 1 than ok. Also, it’s not final commitment to wah , is it ? Ie it’s more voting to know view of all chapters

It is an Ashawide policy proposal and I think chapters who put up their projects for WAH or who benefit from WAH should participate in weekly calls or whatever extra mile to get those funds



Thanks all for the inputs

Yes for me on all


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