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(tick) Prerana Trust Lucknow -  Asha Trust

April Fundraiser - Asha Event, TAA planning, Budget planning
2018-02-11Project ProposalsMujhe Rang De - April Fundraiser Planning
2018-03-02NoneMujhe Rang De - April Fundraiser Planning
2018-03-09NoneMujhe Rang De - April Fundraiser Planning
2018-03-25NoneMujhe Rang De - April Fundraiser Planning
2018-04-21(tick) KSV, (tick) Kamlakar Trust, (tick) BSPESARC Proposals, Mujhe Rang De Retrospective & financial reconciliations, Ashawide Elections
2018-05-12(tick) SVYM Learning Network Conf, (tick) SEED, New Proposals - Project Potential, Go Laadli, Pawan Public SchoolsARC Proposals vote, Kriyative Edge Pilot for Kamlakar Trust project
2018-06-14(tick) FoC, (tick) Sahanivasa WAH disbursal, new proposalsGF split, fundraiser proposal
2018-07-08(tick)Kattu Sithamoor library project (Asha Chennai)ARC proposal General Funds Utilization and Chapter Financial Planning - III

(tick) A. S. Karthik Bharathi Fellowship, (tick) Sahanivasa

2018-09-09(tick)Sahanivasa, (tick) SVYM, (tick) SEED-Narpanigal
2018-10-14(tick) SEED-Narpanigal, (tick)BSPES, VTCL(tick)ARC
2018-11-11(tick)KSV, (tick) Mobile Science Van, (tick) FoC(tick)ARC, Funds update. Garba night
2018-12-08This meeting was a casual get together with no project funding or budgets discussions.
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