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Akshay Bhole, Mamta Naidu, Melli Annamalai, Ganesh Iyer, Pallavi Kulkarni, Vikram Murali, Meera Singh

Discussion items

5minGeneral UpdatesAkshay Bhole
45minEvent PlanningAkshay Bhole, Vikram Murali, Ganesh Iyer, Sadhana Kyathappala

April 7th Fundraiser, Sponsorship, Publicity, Ticket Sales & Seat Assignment, Food Vendor. Volunteer signups.

Akshay met with Meena Sundaram & other artists at their practice session. The practice is coming along well. We have started selling tickets - about 25 sold so far - the event is still 2 months away but we need to ramp up publicity.

5minTAA Planning UpdateAkshay Bhole 
10minProject Proposal -Go Laadli, Girl Scholarship Program 

Defered to next meeting.


10minProject Proposal - Pawan Public School, Pauni, MaharashtraAkshay BholeDefered to next meeting.
15minProject Proposal - Prerna School, Lucknow UPAkshay Bhole

Funds raised by students at Acton Boxborough High School. Funds donated to Asha. Prerana school is personally monitored by Sandeep Pandey & his daughter

Meeting update-

Meera Singh gave an update on her site visit (available on the project page) and current status of the school. the hutments where the parents of the girls used to live were demolished in an demolition drive few weeks ago. We do not have more information on where the families have relocated although the school is continuing to operate. The 7 girls supported by the Asha Club in this high school will need funds for their books, uniforms, fees. The Asha Club has raised about $1670 for the 7 girls.

Do you support sending INR 110000 for Prerana School?

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10minYouth Chapter - Potential for mentoring a youth chapter 

Meera Singh runs an Asha club at Acton-Boxborough High School. She's graduating and wants to ensure continuity of the club and its fundraising activities.

Meeting update -

Meera has connected with Sadhana for mentorship and continued involvement.

10min2018 Budget PlanningVikram Murali 
15minIAGB Republic Day Event Tabling 

Stickers and giveaways ordered. Print recent newsletter. Print April Fundraiser event flyer. Volunteer signups

Meeting update

Mamta, Pallavi & Ganesh volunteered for the Asha table at the IAGB event at Burlington High School. Flyers were distributed to publicize the upcomng fundraiser event in April. 

Action items


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