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Discussion items

 Event PlanningGanesh Iyer, Vikram Murali

Colors of Asha event in April. Sponsorship, Vendors, Artist coordination, Publicity

Discount vendor booth 25% upto March 15th

 Project Proposal -Go Laadli, Girl Scholarship ProgramAkshay Bhole




Comments from Melli on the proposal: The proposal is interesting and exhaustive. The submission work required on part of student is challenging and it is really commendable if a student is able to submit and qualify for what seems like a tough proposal. Most Asha project girl students may not be able to come up to this level to be able to submit the proposal yet although we would love for them to. It will take .a while before we can bring up students from, say, Sahanivasa or SEED or BSPES to this level.

Questions about the proposal: We should ask the founders of this org if they are open to something like - we will have Asha students submit their proposal for scholarships and if they pass your evaluation criteria we can guarantee that Asha will provide funds for their scholarships for college education. Asha has a vested interest in ensuring the success of children that go through its own schools and programs and this will be a good way to ensure the continued success of the eligible few.


 Project Proposal - Pawan Public School, Pauni, MaharashtraAkshay BholeComments from the meeting: Its a large scale project, perhaps not appropriate for a small chapter like Asha Boston which seems to have limited funds. Boston may not be able to support more than a few thousand dollars on this project so it may be a better use of the chapter money to find another project where we can have better impact.
 Team AID-Asha 2018 BudgetPallavi Kulkarni

The proposed expense budget looks okay and was passed without any concerns.

 ARC ProposalsAkshay Bhole

Current Proposals up for discussion:

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