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45minU of M EventSanjali
  • Padma received central approval for up to $500 for lunch
  • Lot of discussion on headcount, but we agreed to wait till Mar 24th to figure out based on RSVP how much to order, plus some additional for non-RSVP attendees. No RSVPs to date, Sanjali believes link to RSVP has been posted.
  • Center can only write a check to the vendor, suggested to keep costs down. Pizza or Panera are options discussed, Sanjali plans to place the order before she leaves for India. Subhash will be covering for Sanjali.
  • Krishna to organize a dry run meeting separately over the next week with Project Stewards and coordinators to review the content and finalize if no further changes. Plan is to start with this packaged presentation at a time when the quorum is there, and then afterwards let it run by itself while networking with attendees.
  • Trisha is planning on building a Social Media poster for Instagram posts, Krishna to share link to his presentation for stats. After dry run, Trisha will figure out what makes sense to post in terms of video links.
  • Trisha has agreed to be the official photographer for the event. Padma will get a DSLR camera for Trisha to use.
  • Padma has volunteered to take of printing the flyer. She is also going to do Henna for anyone interested.
  • Krishna completed submission of form for insurance coverage of the event
  • All volunteers, coordinators and project stewards are requested to bring at least 2-3 attendees from their network of contacts. Please RSVP yourself and send it to your contact. Here is the link:
30minAction LogKrishna
  • Went through and updated the action log. Please see blue text for updates in this link:
  • Sahana volunteered to lead and organize an event at SV Temple for 18-Mar to coincide with a dance event taking place.
  • We agreed to reuse the material being prepared for U of M event and let it run continuously and volunteers standing by to help with any questions.
  • Reviewed all the projects, their current funding status and timlines, as per the spreadsheet Krishna is maintaining. Added new actions from the discussion into the action log.
  • Ran over time, Krishna to organize a separate meeting with Padma and Ganesh.
15minNew BusinessKrishna
  • Harmonious Music approached if Asha MN chapter would be interested to jointly collaborate to organize a fund raising event. Discussion started and needs go further to make a decision.
  • Mauli project folks reached out to Krishna if there is opportunity for them to get supported. Krishna shared concern of volunteer strength, however shared with them proposal is the starting point. Ratna expressed some interest to be a steward however if someone else is willing to come forward, she would step aside.
  • Talked about the need to discuss as a team the process, minimum expectations, roles and responsibilities for each member of the team. Deferred to a separate meeting on the topic.

Action items


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