Discussion items

50 minFinancial PlanningRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • Financial Planning worksheet
  • Expecting 48k top-off to WCR 1.5 in 2018.
  • This will bring our starting capital to 76k.  
  • Project disbursal at 59k (assumes 1 new project)
  • GF split in 2019 will be proportional split of $500k.
  • Expect low GF split for Austin. Estimated ~3k
  • Ramp up SAC or SAT program.
  • Mohit suggested to increase disbursal after fundraising has been ramped up with WCR of 1.25 to 1.5. If projects have fully/partially met their current year needs through other sources, then we can adjust budget accordingly to cover shortfalls.
  • Subra suggested reaching out to known network to have yearly Chapter donations.
  • Vandana suggested asking folks who work in Dell to put in their volunteer hours.
10 minNethra Vidyalaya Site Visit updateVandana Mallempati
  • <Link> to Site visit slides
  • Questions
    • Do children go back home every weekend ?
      • They go home on holidays. Their parents are in villages.
    • How do children cope emotionally being away from parents ?
      • Not all parents send their kids to the boarding school
    • Did you see classroom in action ?
      • It was 2nd Saturday. Kids were preparing for exams, so no classes but I did go through their materials. Have pictures and videos.

Action items

  • Subra Nathan : Ask Rishu at Asha SV if she can give us an overview of SAC program. 
  • Vandana Mallempati : Create "how to donate volunteer hours at Dell" 
  • Vandana Mallempati
    • How many children : girls, boys, student teacher ratio details 
    • Budget proposal : What is their shortfall ?

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