• Site Visit Update on Nethra Vidyalaya

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1 hourSite Visit Update on Nethra VidyalayaVandana Mallempati
  • A potential new project for Asha-Austin with proposal originally obtained in November 2017 by Team Asha Runner and Asha-Austin volunteer, Vandana Mallempati
  • Vandana had presented preliminary proposal in Dec 2017 and did a site visit in March 2018 during her India trip
  • Own premises in 2013, free education, includes hostel and food/lodging
  • 80 boys + 35 girls with 14 teachers who specialize in special needs education
  • 20 kms from Vishakhpatnam main center
  • 1st floor - all classrooms/ library/ staff room/ computer room
  • 2nd floor - dining area, kitchen, girls hostel, boys hostel
  • 6 teachers commute from Vijayanagaram; other 8 teachers are in Vishakhpatnam
  • 1 warden for boys/ girls - Non teaching staff for residential premises
  • Current funding - donations and contributions from individuals; corpus funds
  • Mrs. Lakshmi - lead fundraiser for the school, individual donors connect to known charity organizations
  • If there is funding shortfall per month, then they dip into the trust funds to cover the shortfall
  • Government funding - declined with no reason given
  • There is a government girls high school for the visually challenged, couple of miles from this school, which does get government funding
  • Get a list of blind children born in the region and individually go an meet and talk to the families and get them enrolled in the school
  • Organization donated Braille books, local charities donated computers, donated software to them - One time donations
  • Current model of trust funds plus individual donations seem to cover their needs
  • Follow state board syllabus - help with scribes
  • Vocational products - ship to people in US - paper bags, candle making, wire bags, greeting cards, glass painting, friendship bands
  • Music, Dance and Drama given importance in the school
  • Original proposal - teaching aids, hiring english teacher, etc. In the past few months, they have been able to get donors/donations
  • Funding model based on individual contributions and donations - significant dip in the past few months - having tough time paying to regular teaching and non-teaching staff
  • If Asha could help pay for the teacher salaries or food expenses
  • Permanent teachers - 1.85 lacs/ month, Non-teaching staff - 35k/ month, Food expenses - 1.5 lacs/ month, Miscellaneous - 1 lac/month

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