• GSK-Girirajpura Site Visit by Mayank (Asha-Atlanta)
  • Hope Charitable Trust Request from Asha-St. Louis - No time, for next meeting
  • Austin South Asian Festival Publicity - Brief discussion due to lack of time
  • Cap10k Race Logistics - Brief discussion due to lack of time

Discussion items

1 hourGSK-Girirajpura Site VisitMayank Agrawal, Mohit Sood
  • Shared the pictures and videos from the site visit
  • Unique letter/ signature to sign attendance; no proxy attendance, students are honest
  • PT - kids, both girls and boys, were aware of the games
  • Inspiration behind GSK-Girirajpura School, head of the village (combination of two earlier villages), father of the community worker, Mr. Punya Ram, was there to meet Mayank
  • Community worker - staff of GSK - Mr. Punya Ram - three of his children go to the school, 2 of them in Class 5, working hard to develop the school
  • Goal of Mayank's site visit: Verify whats on paper is what is happening; Requirements and Vision over the next few years; Support by the families and the community for the school
  • Attendance on the day - 23/24 in Group 5, 14/17 for Group 2, 23/24 for Group 3, 20/21 for Group 4? Pretty impressive, only 6-7 children didn't come to the school that day
  • 51 boys and 30 girls
  • Shared the marksheets; syllabus for the classes; Education level was pretty satisfactory; Cannot say they followed the syllabus, but what they had studied/ were taught, they knew.
  • 2 classes in the community building which the Forest Service had provided; third room is a store room, one class in the room constructed by Asha-Austin, one more room being constructed, doesn't have a roof - being used for 2-3 hours
  • 5 teachers, all occupied at the same time. 5 classes + 1 nursery; 4 groups, 1 group is always in PT, 3 groups into 4 parts. For e.g. one is taught in English and the other in Hindi.
  • Each group is taught by one teacher, for the same subject. English taught by Mr. Ashok. Group of 2 and 3 into two classes.
  • Infrastructure - 3 rooms being used, 2 rooms being constructed - one is supported by a Swedish intern's mom who were impressed with the project
  • They need funds for the class room, extend to 8th class, everything else is manageable - construct two more class rooms
  • Collecting funds from their villagers
  • Girls stop studying after 5th class- 4-5 kms - Govt school
  • Children bicycling 8-10 kms to come to this school, education quality is much better
  • Head of village - very inspiring person - still 12th they are ok for the girls to get educated - villagers listen to him
  • Only education is free - note books/ stationery - buy their own books - get educated. no free food. Very wise decision from the families.
  • Most of the villagers are farmers - annual savings 60-70k annually, spend money for the children, pretty enthusiastic for their children's education
  • GSK collected INR 20k from 50 families shows how much associated they are, consider it as their own
  • An important task for the sites is to encourage villagers and children come to school, Need resources to develop more.
  • Dynamics of the school - inspiration is still the village head more than GSK itself.
  • Mayank spent 5 hours, 10-3, talked to a couple of parents, School timings 9-3
  • Mayank spoke to two parents, most were working in the fields - Both were farmers, elder girls to school - we cannot send them far away from the village, if this school was till higher class, they will send the girls.
  • Everyone wants 6th class to start next year, and 7th after that.
  • School staff - either stay at the village or Aamli Railway Station, 4 kms from Girirajpura and do the commute by motorcycle, includes teachers
  • People send the boys to either Govt school or private school after 5th class - complain that there is no study at all in the government school
  • There is a private school in the region because of the fees - Quality of school in GSK is better or comparable
  • They go to government schools and teach the teachers how to teach - campaigning and tutoring, authorized by the Government - turn around the education status - Outreach program is their Vistaar program
  • Parents also involved in managing the school and pushing the teachers
  • Two jeeps going to different schools for Vistaar
  • Hired fresh graduated students for their accounts
  • School is running with Asha funding - school till 10th class / 12th class, not sustainable to get funds from an organization every year. We will approach government for support once they have the classrooms.
  • Don't need to depend on Asha or Vibha - personally another 7-8 years to reach there.
  • Expect more villagers to relocate ~ 100 kids, expected to grow. 52 families. 60-70 kids, 10 kids from outside villages.
  • Land entitlement case - continuous struggle, expect to be resolved soon, haven't got the official papers, every week to Jaipur - big obstacle in every thing they do, cannot apply for loans, etc.
  • RTE - cannot apply unless they have the classrooms built, 5 classrooms needed; Construct classrooms in the next few years for RTE compliance
  • Long term vision - government replace the school in the long run, with the villagers being involved.
  • Funding 5 teachers and community workers
  • 3rd classroom - raise decent amount with crowd funding + ### from 2016-17 excess amount from Asha Austin for foundation + 20k from villagers + 50k from 2017-18
  • Last teacher training 15 days in winter, 30 days in summer, 8000 Rs/ month with 10% hike every year
  • No food provided by school
  • No idea on how many finished undergraduate study
  • 5th class is a board exam - 8 students giving board exams this year
  • One request from teachers - some funds can be provided for school resources - one computer or laptop with projector - educational material
  • Wrap up - Successful implementation of the idea by GSK

Action items

  • Mohit Sood - funds utilization report, annual update, review, chapter approval for re-use of excess funds from 2017-18
  • Mayank Agrawal - site visit report
  • Mohit Sood - long term vision, RTE compliance, government involvement plans

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