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  • @Sandeep, @Jim, Priya, Suren, Aneetha, Sheetal and Kedar sent their proxy votes.


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GF SPlit
  • The GF splits are decided and we will get about 36k as part o this year's split. Central mentioned that the general fund has depleted significantly and they are able to do only 80% match of chapter's top off needs for all the chapters. for FY18 they are creating new WCR and GF rules, chapters are expected to intensify their fund raising efforts as central will not be able to do the big splits like in the past.
  • We received budget for funding the school for Nov17 - Oct 18 months.
  • Sandeep visited the school earlier this year - Met MrDas and some of the students.
  • The school building is also being using for providing vocational training(beautician classes) for some women in the village. Ambuja cements and ? is funding this part of the project. Sandeep likes to send his personal money for this project through Asha, we will take a separate vote on it when we get a budget and have funds from Sandeep in our chapter account.
  • We discussed the budget, everything looks similar to what we have seen in past from PRAYAS. chapter would like to understand some details on the project expenses line item. Sandeep said this might be the automobile maintenance expenses but he needs to confirm.
  • Vote : Are you willing to disburse INR629,523.0 to fullfill the school budget for Nov17-Oct 18 which will be spent towards school maintenance, teachers salaries, nutrition for kids and other expenses. YES - 7 Votes( Sandeep, Jim, Priya, Suren, Aneetha ; Sheetal and Kedar via proxy), No - 0, Abstain - 0
    • June 23rd date is confirmed, park is available. Priya to reserve the park and timer for the event day.
    •  Aneetha to look into options to setup the website for purchasing tickets. Decided the ticket price to be $25 and $35 event day.
    • Priya to send existing marketing material to Aneetha to put up on the website. Priya to look into giveaways.
    • Aneetha to call Vamsee to discuss his contribution. We will keep the event name as Asha 5k but we can prefix it with 'sponsor  presents'. $500 cash donation and $5 match per registrant sounds more reasonable for this sponsorship.
  • Jim mentioned that all the ARC proposals that we votes against were passed
   Jim mentioned that all the ARC proposals that we votes against were passed
   Microsoft's contribution towards Aneetha's volunteer work is still not credited into Colorado account. Aneetha and Priya to follow-up

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