• Support-a-child Program Orientation

Discussion items

1 hourAsha Silicon Valley's Support-a-Child ProgramReshu Jain
  • Engaged and connected to the child, this way donor stays connected for a longer time
  • Child-donor relationship
  • 1-2 sponsorship payments - Paypal donation API
  • 15, 20, 30 $ a month
  • Project in India has to commit to 2 updates/ child in a year, half-yearly and annual exam result
  • Health and family related updates
  • We don't want direct donor-child relationship, routed by the chapter/project steward - either on phone, email or direct mail
  • Donors visit the kids in India when they go to India
  • Sponsors can discontinue any time. Chapter supports the child if the donor backs out/ don't have funds
  • Kid might drop out of SAC program, moved away, support beyond a certain time, project funding is stopped, etc.
  • Child drops - money refunded or used for another child
  • A child can have utmost one sponsor
  • No direct money transfer to the kids
  • Restricted donations are by law only for a specific purpose
  • Chapter has to have the budget approved from its funds - support comes in if donor backs out
  • Younger kids to begin the program and as they grow up, continue for a long time
  • SAC coord and SAC project steward
  • None of the children's information is externally available
  • Guidelines on the language on how the donor is connected to the child

Action items

  • Figure out monthly recurring donations
  • SAC team - 2 SAC coords + 2 SAC project stewards
  • Automation of the infrastructure - find a volunteer who can help port and add in features with time

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