• ARC Voting Deadline

Discussion items

30 minARC Cycle 1 Voting DeadlineMohit Sood
  1. Discussion of the 4 key proposals up for voting
  2. So far 3 online votes for the internal poll
  3. Need 6 to submit chapter vote - Deadline - May 21
  4. Discussion and overview of proposals:
    a. Proposal 1
    b. Proposal 2
    c. Proposal 3
    d. Proposal 4
    Chapter level priority of site visit:
    Local chapter volunteer, find volunteer on projects group,
    seek consultant if top two options don't work out
  5. Elections for nominees
30 minAsha-Austin Annual ReportRangakrishnan SrinivasanDiscussed the annual report to be sent out shortly to all volunteers, runners, donors, alumni, etc.

Action items

  • Subra Nathan to send his personal feedback on Site Visit Consulting Program to ARC
  • Mohit Sood to release results from Online Poll on ARC cycle 1 Chapter voting 
    Results from Online Voting : LINK

1 Comment

  1. After reviewing the proposal on Site Visit Consulting Program - I like the idea in principle and should have voted YES on the poll as the poll question was only asking if such a program should be put in place.  I believe, it should as it will help in doing site visits for projects in hard to access rural areas.

    All the questions I have – have already been raised by other volunteers. Hopefully, they will be addressed in the final proposal and will have an opportunity to vote on it.