• Asha-Austin's 4th project discussion

Discussion items

1 hourAsha-Austin's 4th project discussionRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • 3 proposals till date, in order of when they came in
  • A. Nethra Vidyalaya
    • Brought in by a chapter volunteer and Team Asha runner in November 2017 (Vandana)
    • School with residential hostel for visually impaired
    • Site visit completed in March 2018
    • In Vishakapatnam, a geographical area that Asha-Austin has never supported till date
    • Around 113 children
    • New to Asha for Education
    • Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET)
    • FCRA available
  • B. Pragathi's English Remedial Learning Program
    • Brought in by a chapter volunteer and Team Asha runner in January 2018 (Srinidhi)
    • Teachers to visit selected government schools to improve quality of English learning
    • Visit schools for 15 days, impart training and move to another school
    • Proposal to work with Pragathi Austin
    • Locally supported by Pratham Mysore
    • Similar proposal in 2010, where in the chapter decided to not pursue due to not long term intervention
    • Difficult to track
  • C. Hope Charitable Trust, Ambattur, Chennai
    • Request from Asha St. Louis, as steward moving on with chapter level roles, in March 2018
    • School in need and Asha St. Louis unable to support
    • A school for the mentally challenged
    • Asha-Austin had provided a one-time support in 2015-16
    • New to Asha for Education in 2015, and funded for 3 years by Asha-St. Louis
    • Consider support later in the year, if Asha St. Louis is not able to find a bigger chapter to take it up
  • Chapter decided to prioritize the projects as A, B and C; giving preference to projects brought in by chapter volunteers
  • For now, our 4th project is Nethra Vidyalaya (Voice-vote)
    • Yes: 6
    • No: 0
    • Abstain: 0

Action items

  • Rangakrishnan Srinivasan - provide an opportunity to Srinidhi/Pragathi to illustrate how the proposal is different from the earlier 2010 one, and how is the program a long term intervention in the schools and ensuring quality of education and improvements
  • Rangakrishnan Srinivasan - find a local volunteer to vet Hope Charitable Trust project proposal

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