• Financial health of our current project partners
  • Nethra Vidyalaya

Discussion items

1 hourFinancial Health of our Project PartnersRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • Review of audit reports of project partners
  • GSK and KWS audit reports in their website
  • GSK
    • Steady fundraising every year, with 5-6 big funding partners
    • Income to expenditure ratio 1-1.6 over the years
    • Different fundraising model, WCR < 1
    • Seek yearly funding
    • Have support from foundations and institutional partners
  • KWS
    • WCR at 1.7-2.4 over the years
    • Total income to expenditure ratio ~ 1-1.7 over the years
    • 2017-19 growth focus on audiometry lab + hiring of personnel
    • 2019- growth focus on hostel/residential home for alumni
    • Crowd-funding with distributed approach, no reliance on a single big funding partner
    • Improved financials with new approach since 2016-17
  • Mathru
    • WCR between 8-12 over the years
    • Higher income to actual expenditure ratio for the past 3 years
    • Focus on increasing their beneficiary strength
    • For 5x increase in their beneficiary strength, their WCR will come down to 2
  • Nethra
    • Income to expenditure maintained at 1
    • WCR at 1.2-1.4, with corpus funds being used to dip into for shortfall in fundraising every year
    • Shortfall met from reserve funds (defined as corpus funds in audit reports, while technically not being used as corpus)
    • Is corpus funds Nethra's share from JET funds?
1 hourNethra VidyalayaVandana Mallempati
  • Introduction
  • Original Proposal with Appendix and Form B
  • Site Visit Report
  • Budget Proposal
  • Specific request for funding of teacher salaries/recurring costs
  • Line-items for funding - consensus to fund teacher salaries - for tracking and accountability
  • Nethra specific audit reports is good for tracking financials of the school
  • Audit reports from JET and not Nethra Vidyalaya as FCRA account is JET to be reviewed for second disbursement
  • It is ok to gate the second disbursement for JET audit reports vs. now as we need to build a working relationship with the school
  • Proposal came in November 2017 with site visit done in March 2018

Action items

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