• Nethra Vidyalaya followup 
    • REWARD trust proposal from Subashree for support of 4 teachers
    • GSK-Girirajpura Followup
    • ARC Feedback Phase 2

Discussion items

20 minNethra Vidyalaya FollowupVandana Mallempati
  • 12 teachers salaries - 1,07,116 Rs. p.m.
  • Presented line-items to pick up for budget proposal and voting towards teacher salaries
  • Request for English teacher from school
  • First year of funding with max budget of 10k USD, which is close to projected shortfall in funding
  • JET Trust - FCRA - bank account information for routing funds to Nethra Vidyalaya
  • Audit utilization reports to track actual utilization
  • Ranga went over the internal checklists and required documentation
20 minReward trust proposal for support of 4 teachersRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • Improve quality of education in government schools in rural areas of Tamil Nadu
  • Board members are retired and highly qualified scientists, inspiring children to think creatively and out-of-the box
  • School headmaster/mistress with few teachers and the board trust requests for an additional REWARD trust teacher to improve quality of education in the schools
  • An Asha for Education project since 2003, with support from 6-7 chapters for 2016, 2017
  • Asha Berkeley is stewarding the project this time with Asha Stanford and Princeton backing out for 2018
  • 52 lacs of support from Asha for Education for 2017
  • Request was for ~7k USD for 4 teachers
  • General consensus in the chapter was that we are scaling back funding of current projects to make room for a 4th project this year.
  • Based on our WCR and funding situation in the end of the year, the chapter may consider a one-time support.
20 minGSK-Girirajpura FollowupMohit Sood
  • Waiting on answers from GSK to disburse funds
  • Key question is why lower amount towards salaries of staff than originally budgeted, and where is the excess/ unutilized funds
  • 1.5 lacs surplus from 2017-18 + 8.2 lacs for 2018-19 (approved vote) of which 50k will be used to complete classroom
  • Reconciling global budget to budget of GSK-Girirajpura school
5 minARC Feedback Phase 2Mohit Sood
  • Key changes with regards to GF split and sharing across chapters
  • Please review and propose amendments

Action items

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