• Nethra School update 
  • GSK Girirajpura School : Annual update : Report, Budget and Proposal
  • Proposal to support 4 teachers by REWARD

Discussion items

10 minNethra School Q&AVandana Mallempati
  • FCRA is in the name of JET
  • JET is going to transfer funds sent to Nethra Vidyalaya
45 minGSK Girirajpura School - Annual updateMohit Sood
5 min
Proposal to support 4 teachers by REWARD
Mohit Sood
  • Proposal received from Subashree (Asha Volunteer) to support 4 Teachers in Nerumbur government High School
  • Maneesh said he is going to look at the proposal, understand and then discuss this in Chapter.

Action items

  • Nethra Vidyalaya
    • Vandana Mallempati
      • Does Nethra have a dedicated bank account ?
      • We would like to make sure we can trace the funds transferred from JET to Nethra Vidyalaya's account. 
      • Provide clear budget to Mohit. 
    • Mohit Sood : Setup Online poll once budget and other docs available for Nethra
  • GSK - Girirajpura School 
    • Mohit Sood : Get answers to questions
      • Related to Students 
        • Names of children who have dis-enrolled and reason.
  • There were three children this year who dis-enrolled from the school. Two of them were native of Gwalior (M.P.) and residing near Girirajpura whose parents along with the children have now shifted back to Gwalior. The third girl, Deepa's father works for Indian Railways and is getting stipend for getting their wards schooled. His father enrolled her to a private school near the village.
        • How many children grade-5 and below from Girirajpura village are not enrolled in GSK ? 
        • All the children studying in grade 5 and below are studying in Uday school at Grirajpura.
        • Add age of each child to the roster. 
        • Do kids coming from outside village have nearby schools - public/pvt ?
        • Yes, following are the name of the villages in the vicinity of Girirajpura, where the children are coming from.
          • Shahipura - Govt. school
          • Amli - One govt. and one private
          • Anandipura - No School
          • Mohammadpura - Govt. school
          • Roshanpura - Govt. school
          • Kalyanpura - Govt. school
        • How many of 30 additional children are expected to be from Girirajpura ?
        • It completely depends on the number of families which get resettled in this region - cannot be said right now.
        • Were deworming tablets prescribed by a physicians ?
        • De-worming tablets were prescribed and distributed by the nurses/ANMs from a nearby public hospital.
      • Related to Teachers 
        • Why did Arun Kumar (PT) leave ?
        • Arun got a Govt job as sports teacher so he left. The new PT has also left. He found life in village hard. They are looking for replacement.
      •  Related to Partners
        • Which partners are restricted vs unrestricted funding ? 
        • All partners granted restricted funding in 2017-18. T
        • Porticus funding last year was 80 lakhs. Are they planning to fund you this year ?
        • They haven't taken the final decision yet. We are constantly in touch with them and trying to rope them in this year also.
        • Talking to HT Parikh foundation for Jaganpura. 
        • Did you receive funds from HT Parikh foundation in 2017 or are going to receive in 2018 ? 
        • Unfortunately, we didn't get support from HTParikh in 2017. This year, we are again in touch with them for getting their support for Jaganpura school.
        • How much of the un-utilized funds can be utilized towards Girirajpura budget since Asha Austin is going to fund 8.2 lakhs ?
        • There is no un-utilized fund besides Rs. 1.5 lakhs remaining for Girirajpura school from the previous year which will get utilized for the school.
        • What is the progress with finding funding partners ?
        • Approached local donors ACC cement and asking them to fund under CSR. They were not sure since they were in different district. 
        • Village community also went to Jaipur and asked Chief Warden to support classroom construction and up-gradation of the school to grade-8. They are waiting to hear back from him.  
        • Difficult to get support for remote areas. Approached 10 to 12 funding orgs since last year. 
    •  Related to Room Construction
        • Has DCF followed up with District Collector about permission to construct rooms in Girirajpura ?
        • Girirajpura community has approached Chief Wildlife Warden at Jaipur who in return instructed the Conservator of Forest in Sawai Madhopur to look into the modalities of constructing two classrooms at Girirajpura. The community is following up the case.
        • What did ASED (Action for support of Deprived Children) decide on funding room construction ?
        • They are likely to support construction of classrooms at Jaganpura school since villagers have land rights but not in Faria and Girirajpura. 
    • Related to Global Budget 
        • In last years income/expense report, an excess carry-over of ~42 lakhs was shown, while in your global budget/expense report (link), it appears 1/3rd of 36 teachers were not paid.   
          • The budgetary figures are as follows:
          • Proposed budget (for salary of teachers)= Rs. 93,60,000
          • Deficit (after approvals) = Rs. 35,74,326
          • Available fund = Rs. 57,85,674
          • Expenditure (at the end of 2017-18) = Rs. 55,45,310
          • Balance Amount = Rs. 2,40,364
          • Operations were managed using the available funds and accordingly the teachers were assigned the number of schools.
          • Proposed budget was higher since we were planning to hire 
  • REWARD program - Nerumbur Govt High School 
    • Maneesh Nair : Review and discuss the proposal within Chapter. 


  1. Nethra has two exclusive bank accounts that they use - Union Bank of India and State bank of India. The funds that Asha will send will go to the Jeeyar Educational Trust (JET) fund which will then be routed to Union Bank of India.

  2. Per Asha protocol, the name of Nethra project should then be "Jeeyar Educational Trust - Nethra Project" or "Jeeyar Educational Trust - Nethra Vidyalaya" (or whatever you prefer). It will be the best to send me an email before your submit the checklist and make sure that the FCRA document, bank info etc. are up to date. - Abhyuday (