• KWS Site visit report by Rajdeep (Asha Zurich)
  • KWS Annual Update - Part 1

Discussion items

45 minKWS Site visit

Rangakrishnan Srinivasan

  • Site visit was done by Rajdeep & MoonMoon Deb from Asha-Zurich
  • He was not able to make it to this meeting but Ranga presented his report
    • Site Visit Report
    • More Pics/Videos from Site visit
      • shared classroom time-table showing different activities
    • Chapter volunteers had questions which Rajdeep got answers to
45 minKWS Annual Update Part 1Rangakrishnan Srinivasan

Action items

  1. Rangakrishnan Srinivasan : Questions 
    • Is computer acitivity for every child ? We didn't see it part of regular schedule. 
    • Would like to understand more on how Audimetry lab equipment is used. What equipment are there and how they are used ?
    • What is role of Clinical Psychologist in school ? How do they help children ? 
    • Would like to know more about Vibrogym ? How is equipment used ? What are the exercises ?
    • Would like to know how number of children have changed over the years, before and after construction and what is the anticipated growth in number of children in next couple of years. 

    • What are the current challenges they see in adding more children ?

    • Can you find out how many children left and joined ?

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