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  • 2018-07-18 Asha SD Conference call





  • Project Nice funding
  • Asha ki Diwlai 2018 (fundraiser)

Discussion items

 Project NiceAditya Kappagantula Mythili Vadali
  • Although the participants voted during the call, it was decided that we would also vote online for better documentation. Aditya to send out poll.
 Asha Ki Diwali 2018 (Fundraiser)Swetha Godavarthi Vignesh Srinivasan
  • Swetha updated about fundraising discussions from an earlier meeting: Other fundraising options such as 5K run, friendly cricket match are also good options that will be considered in addition to Asha ki diwali-- which would be kept as an yearly event.
  • The Google doc containing details about performances, sponsors to approach, individual donor information etc. was shared by Swetha-

  • This time the event is expected to be shorter (max 1.5 hrs) and the performers are more established, so expect a better turn out and would help in seeking sponsors. Further this year it is organized on a Sunday evening (Oct 28th) instead of a weekday.
  • $6900 was raised last year after payments made to Royal India, the sales were split as follows: ticket sales- $3400, donations- $3800, sponsorship- $2000. It was decided to target a profit of $10,000 for this year's fundraiser. 
  • Last year the ticket prices were as per different age groups. General public was charged at $25. It was decided to keep the pricing same as last year, Parthiv suggested having last years prices (adults) for early-bird tickets, and increase it $30 when we get closer to the event or for tickets purchased at the venue. It was decided not to increase student/kids ticket pricing.
    • It was discussed if there is any chance to price the tickets as per seating arrangement, but based on Royal India seating arrangement this may not be feasible.
    • The reason to continue with Royal India this year also is the competitive price of $15/ person inc. food, compared to UCSD facilities where food cost would be extra.
  • It has been decided to follow 1 volunteer- 1 sponsorship model. Each volunteer will be assigned a potential sponsor and a deadline to get sponsorship decision from them. Note that other restaurants can only contribute money, but not by offering food as agreed with Royal India.
  • Promotions: Last year Kanika designed the poster. This year Mythili volunteered to do it. For other promotions last year's material will be used. In addition, this year's artists are also requested to send in their portfolio photos for promotions. Facebook/twitter are already updated. Website is to be updated-- Aditya/Shankar to follow-up.
  • It was discussed if we could sell merchandise during the event. It could be Asha merchandise, or Indian merchandise from stores like Bombay Fashions in return for sponsorship.
    • Vignesh mentioned that there was some Asha merchandise ordered last year but not delivered or never used. Kanika could you confirm? If true, can we still use them?

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