• KWS Part 3 update 
  • Mathru short update
  • Nethra Vidyalaya FCRA discussion

Discussion items

50 minKWS Part 3 updateRangakrishnan Srinivasan
  • Ranga reviewed Financials and Budget for KWS
  • KWS procured 3 acres of land, 40 kms from center, for residential housing project using all of their excess from reserves of past 3 years.
  • KWS Funds Utilization Report
  • KWS Audit Report 2017-18
    • Current WCR at 1.3 (2017-18 balance + 2018-19 known anticipated funds - land purchase cost)
    • 10% increase from previous years budget to account for salary increases
    • Total staff salaries increased from 72 lacs to 104 lacs
    • INR 1,238,688 is proposed in Line E.
  • Online Vote will be setup due to lack of quorum in this meeting for 1,240,000 sent in two installments of 62,000 each.
10 minMathru Status updateArvind Rao
  • Arvind brought up that Mathru has about 19 children and currently they seem to have plenty of reserves 11x their expenses so they may not need funds.
  • It may not be prudent to pull away funding right away. Asha has a 6 month grace period. We internally decided to follow wean off strategy.
  • He mentioned that Malathiji has a goal of raising a certain reserve balance. We disucssed checking with Malathiji as what their growth plan is. What does she plan to do when she meets her reserve goal ? When does she plan to take more children in ?
30 minNethra Vidyalaya FCRA discussion

 Mohit Sood

Vandana Mallempati

  • Nethra is up for Vote within the Chapter. Voting has not been closed yet.
  • We recently found out that school does not have a FCRA. There are two options to send funds to the school, one through Jeeyar Education Trust & another organization VT Seva both of which fund Nethra Vidyalaya.
  • Going through their websites, we found out both these orgs are headed by Chinna Jeeyar Swami, a spiritual leader in the region.  
  • On their proposal form, Chinna Jeeyar Swami is listed as Managing trustee and G. Gangaraju is listed as Chairman of Board. Mr. Gangaraju is MP in India and owner of Laila group of companies according to this link They are likely not involved in day-to-day operation of the blind school.
  • Both organizations have sister orgs registered in USA.
    • JET USA is registered 501c(3) as religious institution
    • VT Seva is also registered 501c(3) but not as a religious org. - link. However CEO is Chinna Jeeyar Swami.
      • Pragathi USA has also funded Nethra through VT Seva in 2015 - link. Dont know if they still do. 
      • They also have several Chapters in USA maybe fundraising for Nethra - example link
  • The school claims it does not discriminate children based on religion, caste, etc.,which we trust them based on volunteer's experience.
  • If we decide to fund the blind school, it would be best to send funds through VT Seva since their objectives align with Asha principles.

Action items

  • Mohit Sood
    • Setup online vote
  • Arvind Rao
    • Discuss with Malathiji as what their growth plan is. 
    • What does she plan to do when she meets her reserve goal ? 
    • When does she plan to take more children in ?
  • Vandana Mallempati
    • Find out if VT Seva has FCRA. 
    • High-level breakup of income/donations for Nethra-Varija given in their audit reports to have an idea of their different fundraising channels (JET USA, JET worldwide, VT Seva, local fundraising, etc).

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