• Mathru Vision Discussion (Arvind Rao) - 20 min
  • Fellowship Siddamma Vision Discussion (Sowmya) - 20 min
  • ARC Feedback Phase 1 (Mohit) - 20 min
  • SoH (Subra) : 10 mins

Discussion items

20 minMathru Vision DiscussionArvind Rao
  • Arvind discussed with Malathiji about this years funding. She indicated that she has sufficient funds for Mathru foundation and Asha Austin may focus on supporting other new initiatives. Mathru's current WCR is 11x. The foundation has grown from 12 (Starting) to 17 (last year) to 19 (this year)
  • Arvind's recommendation to the Chapter was we can just send funds raised through WAH and we need not send any additional funds for this year since she does not seem to have a need. We can reconsider next
  • Our vision for projects was 3 year funding and then wean off for 3 years. Wean off was mainly to dampen the effect of reducing funding so partners can look for other funding sources. If project partner and project steward do not feel the need of sending funds, then we don't have to force them to take it.
  • One concern with this is that while Malathi was fundraising for her reserve fund, she may now have to dip into her reserves for funding the expenses. The short term impact for her may be very minimal since she continues to fundraise well. We will monitor Mathru's progress and re-assess this again this year
  • We still need to do Site visit and get financials reports for this year.
  • Vote : Do you support sending funds raised through WAH to Mathru foundation but skipping sending funds this year due since the foundation does not need additional funds ?
    • Yes : 5
    • No : 0
    • Abstain : 1
20 minFellowship Siddamma Vision DiscussionSowmya Suryanarayanan
  • We typically have a 6 year max for projects. This discussion was related to fellowship of whether we should apply this to fellowship as well.
  • We have worked with Siddamma from 2005. We didn't fund send money to her in 2012, 2014 due to lack of Chapter funds. Sowmya has been project steward since 2015.
  • Chapter felt that its wise to keep the vision consistent between projects and stewards.
  • The reason our vision had a limited funding duration is to have new volunteers bring in new projects and also to avoid volunteer fatigue where one person maybe be able to contribute in different ways.
  • Wean off may not make sense here since it is mainly intended for projects to find alternative funding sources
  • Our proposal is to approach Seattle Chapter, who has been funding projects with Siddamma
  • Another alternative is to approach Padmanava, Fellowship lead and put it up for other Chapters.
  • Third (last) option is to stop funding with sufficient notice to everyone : 1 or 2 year heads up.
  • For this year, we still go as planned. Sowmya to present and Chapter needs to Vote
20 minARC Feedback Phase 1 - GF splitMohit Sood
  • ARC Feedback Phase 1 in progress with important ratifications to GF split amendments.
    • Deadline of August 15th.
  • General fund reserve has gone down after big disbursals last few years.
  • Going forward whatever comes in General funds will be split the following year.
  • This ARC is to ratify how the funds will be disbursed. Goal is to make Chapters sustainable
  • To encourage that they have added option to match local fundraising up to a certain amount (voted on).
  • There are 3 flavors described in the Wiki link were discussed
  • Chapter volunteers did not have any other feedback. Fundraising match is going to be extremely helpful for us.
  • This is going to on vote in later half of the year. We may find out late Nov the results of voting and it will take effect in GF split early next year. There is not enough time for Chapters to adjust their financial planning.
10 minStrides of Hope planningSubra Nathan
  • Planning to skip Decker this year due to lack of participation from last year
  • Two sessions may be too long for folks to volunteer.
  • Target races 3M and Austin Half.
  • Start SoH season 14 weeks before 3M : in October. Continue till Austin Half.
  • Need to start a team and plan & publicize.
  • Need to

Action items

  • Sowmya Suryanarayanan
    • Discuss Siddamma fellowship with Seattle Chapter volunteer, who is stewarding BT project  
    • Plan for review and vote on Fellowship soon
    • Help Subra with article for Austin South Asian
  • Mohit Sood
    • Review ARC further and give any feedback from Chapters side. 
  • Subra Nathan
    • Get in touch with former runners and form a team
    • Reach out to Tania and figure out use of TV Asia video.

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