• Project Checklist status : Nethra & Siddamma (Vandana, Sowmya)

  • Austin S. Asian Article (Sowmya)

  • Strides of Hope update (Subra) 

  • Support a Child update (Raju)

  • Open Volunteer positions (Mohit)

Discussion items


5 min

Project Checklist
  • Nethra checklist submitted by Vandana.
  • Fellowship Siddamma checklist will be started by Sowmya
5 min Austin S. Asian Article
  • Austin South Asian write-up by Sowmya with help from Subra & Ranga.
  • Emailed to everyone in volunteer mailing list
  • We will send this to Austin S. Asian Magazine after SoH info session date are updated
40 minStrides of Hope updateSubra Nathan
  • Finalized dates for Info Session
    • Sep 23th, Sunday, 3 - 5 pm (RMHC)
    • Sep 29th, Saturday, 3 - 5 pm (REI-Downtown)
    • Sep 30th, Sunday, 3 - 5 pm (REI-Arboretum)
  • Subra will update Flyer and send out Publicity plan.
10 minSAC update
  • SV Chapter webmaster needs to export this page. Sent an email to them today
  • Will follow up in couple of days
5 minOpen Volunteer positionsMohit Sood
  • Two important roles are unfilled - Volunteer Openings
    • Chapter webmaster
    • Chapter Secretary
  • Sent email to asha austin volunteer group.
  • Posted on FB.
  • Raju stepped to handle Austin Webmaster role.
  • Added Team Asha Fundraising coordinator & Publicity coordinator roles also.

Action items


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