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30ARC 2018 cycle 2Sheetal
  • ARC poll question #1

    Which splitting mechanism above (Option A or B or C) would your chapter prefer?

    • We do not completely understand option B. We agree all that within option A and C, Colorado chapter benefits more from Option A
    • Points considered  - There could be other chapters that disburse a lot more and can be eligible to get much bigger share of FG split. The 1:1 GF matching seems like a good way to motivate chapters to raise funds.
    • All 5 Participants vote on 'Option A'
  • ARC poll question #2

    What value of M (used in all options) would you prefer? (10K or 15K or 20K or 25K)

    • All the 5 participants vote on 10k - Points considered - We can aim at raising 10k next year to get matching funds and also at the same time compete with bigger chapter by limiting their matching to minimum amount so that more money stays in the pot to get distributed in steps 2 and 3
  • ARC poll question #3

    The chapter acknowledges the rollback clause described above. (Yes)

    • All the 5 participants agree on acknowledging 'YES'
  • ARC poll question #4

    Do you approve of the above mechanism to address chapter shortfalls for projects funding?

    • All the participants agree - The hope is Colorado chapter might benefit out of this if we dont have enough money to fund all our projects

Details on all the poll questions - General Funds Utilization and Chapter Financial Planning - III

55k DiscussionPriya

The revenue out of 5k after all the expenses is $2713

2PudiyadorPriyaWe need to start the checklist for Pudiyador funding that we approved in September. Deadline is Nov 30th. Jim will send a reminder to Aneetha and Swapna.

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