• Nethra Vote results 
  • ARC : Cycle 2 Voting 
  • Strides of Hope : Update
  • ICC meeting : update
  • Innovative projects

Discussion items

10 minNethra Vidyalaya : Vote resultsVandana Mallempati
  • Submitted Checklist.
  • Mohit pointed out that we need to upload update budget with exact amount to be sent on project website and then link it to checklist.
30 min 

ARC Cycle 2 Voting on General Funds Utilization and Chapter Financial Planning - III.

  • Mohit has created a Voting Form. Please Vote.
  • Option B may seem lucrative for us right now but it is because we started TA fundraising this year.
  • Most Chapters benefit from Option A.
  • Deadline to submit Chapter Vote is Nov 15th.
  • Voting Results Summary
5 minStrides of Hope : UpdateSubra Nathan
  • We have 20 sign-ups but 2 dropped out due to personal/medical issues.
  • Fundraising Workshop scheduled on Nov 18th, REI. 3 pm to 5 pm.
  • Requesting all volunteers to join and share their insights and experiences.
  • Runner webpages need to be created. Raju Patil is working with Arun Krishnaswamy on that.
  • Channel IDs need to be created for all runners. Can not use old Channel IDs since FR-widget will show old cumulative numbers. Contact Bharathkumar Thandri for creating IDs for this year's runners.
10 minICC Meeting : Update
  • ICC has about $44k with two trustees as signatories.
  • They were looking to given to charities with local impact.
  • We presented Asha Austin and proposed doing a local fundraiser benefiting local artists and community.
  • Various other local organizations and chapters of big orgs. were there as well
  • Need to send them our presentation with slides updated.
5 minInnovative projects
  • GSK and KWS have submitted proposals to Asha-wide Innovative

Action items


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