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  • 2018-12-12 - Minutes of the Meeting


We simply could not hold a meeting since we really do not have any volunteers other than 3 core people - Rashi Jain, Gurjeet Singh and Dilip Som

Dilip sent the following email to all potential volunteers who showed some interest over the last 6 months or so to get the votes on our proposal to send the rest of the money we sent to 3 projects (below) before the end of this year.

By Dec 15, we got only 3 responses from Rashi Jain, Gurjeet Singh and Dilip Som. All our "Yes" vote.

On Jan 13, three other volunteers votes "Yes" to these three proposals. See the details below.

From: Dilip K Som []
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2018 10:34 AM
To: Dilip K. Som (
Cc: 'Rashi Jain'; 'Barman, Sudeshna'; 'Monica Prince'; 'Sneha Antani'; 'Gurjeet'; 'Sandhya Dalavi'; 'Niranjan'; 'pallavi tyagi'; 'Saranga Arora'; 'Maheshbala'
Subject: We need to send funds to the two projects and... PLEASE RESPOND

 Hi everyone: 

This is an urgent matter. Please respond soon. 

You know about we need to send the rest of the funds to the two projects and one fellowship that we support, as was discussed in the Sept. 16 meeting.

  • Mahesh ji's fellowship: INR 33,000 per month x 12 months = INR 3,96,000 (or roughly $5675) to cover past six months and the next six months
  • Asha Trust - Ek Kadam: INR 9,37,000 (remaining balance from proposal to be sent) or roughly $13,430
  • Lodhar School - INR 11,97,000 (remaining balance from proposal to be sent) or roughly $17,155

If you agreed to support these projects in previous meetings, please give us an OK to send the rest of the money. 

Without your OK, we cant send the money by the end of this year. 

As we all know our DC chapter does not have at least 6 volunteers on a regular basis, we might have to close this chapter, unless someone volunteers to take charges and make the chapter going. 

From next year we have to transfer these projects to some other ASHA chapter.
So this might be the last action we need to take.

With regards,


Update: More votes via emails:

Padmanava Sen: I vote Yes to all 3 projects after going through the proposals. (I also visited all three in 2017 and I am super impressed by Mahesh Pandey s unique style of running the hostel. I also want to feature his methods in an article of Asha blog.) (1/13/2019)

Akila Venkataramany: I can vote on behalf of Cornell.  After reading the project proposals and knowing the project history for Lodhar, I vote yes for all three disbursements. (1/13/2019)

Abhyuday Mandal: As Asha-Athens volunteer, I read the three proposals and vote Yes. I noted that Jagriti provides budget for the period April to March. For Ek Kadam, we already contacted the project partner to provide a budget for Jan 2019 to March 2019, and then provide a second budget for the period April 2019 to March 2020. (1/13/2019)

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