• First meeting of the year.
  • Discuss Sowmya's visit to Siddamma
  • UT student Chapter discussion 

Discussion items

15 minIntroductionsAllVolunteers introduced themselves. Juhi and Michelle are new to Asha Austin. They are students at UT. We briefly discussed AfE values & Austin chapter achievements.
45 min

Sowmya's visit to Siddamma

Sowmya Suryanarayanan & Vikram Iyengar

  • Sowmya and Vikram visited Siddamma in Dec 2018. They visited 3 Irula villages with her and summarized their experiences in the Site Visit Report 2018
  • Presentation to Chapter
    • She was given Aval Vikatan Award in Nov 2018 for her efforts in training farmers in organic farming techniques. Invited on stage : Youtube video
    • Cyclone in Nov 2018 had affected 80,000 people in TN. 149 Irula families in Cuddalore had their houses washed away. She needs 7 lakhs to provide some form of shelter - tarpulin sheets and blankets. Sowmya is planning to put up a proposal.
    • Visit to 3 villages. Villages had basic needs. Thaluk leaders, Valli and Pappamma are great examples of women leaders inspired by Siddamma's leadership.
    • Needs : 2 boats needed in Yedakandigai. School supply for tuitions in Ellarmedu.
    • Siddamma's jeep is also old. She uses it for travel to farms & villages.
15 minUT Student Chapter discussion

Juhi Patel

& Michelle Robert

  • Juhi, Caroline, and Michelle are starting a UT Student Chapter.
  • Plan is to get admin stuff done this semester. Orientation is on Monday: all 3 will attend.
  • Planning on having 7 positions in student org. Will start interviewing Freshmen and Sophomores.
  • Suggest to share resources and volunteers between UT student org and Austin Chapter. In the past, they were shared.
  • Will keep everyone updated through email/meetings.

Action items

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