• Updating projects' website on and

Discussion items

15 minsUpdating new photos of Shamayita School
  • Mani Ratnesh will update the project's page with new photos.
 15 mins

@Shilpa and @Sia from Trumbull, CT reached out to Manidipa Mukherjee via Yale Asha website. They are interested in Yale Asha funded - Project Prakash.

  •  We have suggested them to write a brief synopsis on Project prakash. This way they will get familiarize to the project. Their report may be considered for annual report for this project.
20 minsFunds allocation for 2019-2020
  • Shamayita project sent their budget for 2019. We are discussing to fund them for 2019- 2020. The funding may support few teachers' salary, infrastructure construction and tuition fees for a few students.
  • We are waiting for project Mukti to get back to us for their annual budget.

10 minsFund raising for Project Prakash
  • Discussed a few options for fund raising for project prakash

Action items


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