• Updates from Nethra Vidyalaya
  • ARC proposal
  • Cap 10k planning

Discussion items

20 minsNethra Vidyalaya updates
  • Students participated in a National Championship in Delhi and won medals.
  • Vandana also shared report with student grades from the school.
20 minsARC proposals : 2019 Cycle 1

We are in feedback phase (ends Mar 31st), where Chapters need to review ARC proposals and provide feedback. Mohit emailed the group seeking feedback.

  • Investment Policy of Asha for Education
    • We do not have a written down investment policy. This proposal aims to draft and and ratify a policy through ARC.
    • Proposal is well written. Lot to learn from the comments as well.
    • Feedback : It would be good to put a limit on expense ratio of funds.
  • Adding "Abstain" option + Reusing votes in runoffs
    • Currently ARC voting does not have an "Abstain" option. Proposal is to add one.
    • When voting choice is more than 3, there are cases where none of the choices will get >50% majority. The proposal is to create a run-off vote, where choice with lowest vote is eliminated in a follow-up round of voting.
20 minsCap 10k planning
  • We have 30 runners signed up. Need 35 to get a tent at Cap 10k.
  • Cap 10k Signups
  • Lots of sign ups in Round Rock area.
  • Will send out poll to collect information on Shoe clinic, etc.

Action items

  • Vandana Mallempati
    • Do teachers understand why few students are low on their grades? 
    • Other things to ask : student attendance, did any student or teacher join or leave?, other activities at school, fund utilization (before next disbursement)

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