Discussion items

1.5 hours
  • A brief introduction about Nirmaan to the new team members

  • Discussion with the students receiving funding

  • Discussion on the 2018 project report

  • Discussion of requested budget

  • A brief talk from our treasury team regarding the funds available, and funding in the future


Proposed Items:

Major HeadDetailsSplit upAmount in INRCost Per Year in INR for 30-Students

Skill building, career exposure & Student short listing session

Students to have a skill building cum selection conference where students would be guided on Statement of purpose writing, Group discussion, and Interviews & undergo them with volunteers. 120+ students along with their parents, 60+ volunteers & VHL team would be part of the whole day selection event.

§ Transport fare for students for the Selection conference from their residence / college22500


§ Conference Hall Rents, facilities & arrangements25000
§ Food for all the participants - 270 people36450
§ Stationery for the interviews, Banners and selections10000
§ Student learning kits6050

Residential Camps for soft skills, motivation, personality development

About 3 Day to 5 Day residential Camps providing Soft skills, motivation, personality enhancement and many more age appropriate sessions. 2 camps in an year

§ Transport fare for students for the from their home / college18000


§ Food and Accommodation for the 3-5 days residential camp66000
§ Charges for Trainers for personality enhancement sessions30000
§ Stationery & Miscellaneous6000

CAF (Career advancement fund) Program

Having a pool of career advancement fund to meritorious but needy student that will enable him to pursue his education/career of his choice. This fund will cover the admission fees, maintenance fee, hostel, Room expenses, books etc., This would be provided on a need basis.

§ College admission fees



§ College Maintenance fees
§ Hostel/ Room expenses
§ Books for students
Training to Mentors & TeamTraining program for the mentors & team for effective student mentoring & implementation of program.§ Charges for Trainers1500015,000

Resource Person

Remuneration for various resource persons for organizing, counseling, implementation & monitoring.

§ Coordinator for organizing, counseling, implementation of the project



§ Shared Human resources for Student Monitoring, progress tracking

Students Monitoring cost & any other Miscellaneous

Application assistance, Psychometric tests, Travel to office, posts to students, mobile bills for calling students, mentors etc.,

§ Application assistance3000


§ Psychometric tests charges - currently free0
§ Travel to office5400
§ posts to students4500
§ mobile bills for calling students2100

Administrative expense

About 10% of total cost

§ Chartered Accountant charges and auditing the project finances.



§ For handling project finances and accounting
§ Partly contributed to Nirmaan Central team in support to Organization`s sustenance
§ Shared Expenses for Office rent and maintenance
Total Cost for Career Saathi Program for 30 Students

Total Cost for Career Saathi Program for student per year20000

Note1. From year 2, selection conference would not be there, the amount saved there would be used in the CAF. So the students would have about 1,50,000 Rs for CAF from year 2

2. All the above financials are indicative estimates. The actual expenditure may vary depending on the requirement; however, the overall total cost would not be exceeded from the mentioned total.

Meeting notes:

Prajakta asked students to share their experience with Nirmaan last year

    • Help with scholarship

    • Financial support with higher education

    • Sushmita answer<Kushagra asked>: helped with improving skills, building confidence, suggest books for reading, she got 94%, she wants to become software engineer

    • Asha members introduced themselves and shared experience

  • Blood donation drive

    • Students visited a blood donation drive and some of the students donated blood

  • TedEx program - students visited the program. One girl shared a piece- that we should rethink before saying anything.

  • Summer/winter camp - Students prefer summer camps due to holidays

  • Share personal contact details of Asha volunteers (name, email, program to help them out on a personal level)

Discussion about budget

  • Rachana- skill building and

    • They conduct interviews

    • Skill building sessions

    • One time program for student when they are in boarding school

    • Help with finding right path for the students

  • Trevor - 1000 students

    • Conducting workshops, calling students for interview, 270 student will attend the conference

  • Kushagra - Is Wisconsin going to send the money for next cycle? They are not sure.

  • Career advancement fund amount is different/ how do you collect students - like a scholarship

    • Academic score

    • Covers fees for students

    • Career workshop - team go to various government schools, they collect 5 student from the performance in the workshop

    • Criteria for cut off of GPA   

    • Student has to clear 3 rounds

    • They select 50 student every year

    • They create scholarship based on the need

  • Requesting funds for 10 student, do you have funding for other 10 students?

    • How many students are you able to support

      • At present they have 140 student

      • Could not find funding for  34 students

      • 4 years they have 140 student?

Treasury Team Updates

  • Trevor asked:

    • Currently it is not clear they how many people are getting supported

      • 5 staff is in the program

      • Coordinating with mentors and students

  • Multiple grants

    • Madhapur run facebook page

    • Asked to share website on Asha’s facebook page

  • Each student 20 thousand rupees

    • Total 2 lakhs

  • Suggestion from Adarsh - Optional/required things in the budget will help us decided

  • Rohil and Kushagra suggested that we have to coordinate with the Wisconsin team and ask them if they are going to fund next year. If yes then how much? If no, then the reason they decide to not fund them

Follow up questions and their reply -

1) Priority list in the Requested Budget .

As a program , all the Budget heads that we have designed are Priority for Smooth flow of the Operations , Since all the Heads of the Expenditure is Equally distributed and the split of the expenditure is explained in detail

2) Funding sources that CSP has for 30 Students .

For the Previous Financial Year We had Donors for all the 30 Students , For this Financial year we are expecting the Same donors to Continue the Contributions for  Same Students even for this Financial year. We have Three organizations / Institutions who are supporting 23 Students including Asha . The rest of the 7 students for Cohort 3 are getting benefited by 7 Individual Donors .

3) If these 10 Students are the same Ones who received funding last Year .

Yes , The Students are the Same whom you are supporting the Last year , This will be the same for next 5 Years .

Their Note : If possible , we also request you to support for another set of 10 Students for our new batch. We are planning to start another batch this year with 50 students in the batch . so we would be more happy if we could support for the next batch as well.


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