• Set agenda for Asha Frankfurt for year 2019 for:
    • 2019 Fundraising
    • 2019 Project Support
    • Online Meeting Capability

Discussion items

60min2019 FundraisingAll

  1. The Asha Global fund disbursement is going to stop. Our 2019 YTD Global funds report shows a balance of $4,962.06. Pavan Eswara to check with Asha Global if these are the last remaining global funds available for us.
  2. All chapters including ourselves would be back to how it was 3 years ago, that is to raise all the funds themselves for the projects they would want to support.
  3. How do we raise the funds better this year? → going back to pre-2016
    1. We could have more fund raising events (like food events).
    2. We could try to subscribe more monthly donors, which would provide us with a steady stream of funds thus helping us better plan the project funding for the year.
  4. One possibility to increase the monthly donations would be to have a sign-up/subscription service from Asha Frankfurt. But this raises the following questions:
    1. How can we realize this? Our bank does not provide such a subscription service where we can request the funds transfer from our donors accounts (instead the donors need to initiate the SEPA transfer from their accounts).
    2. Can we use PayPal? No→ Expensive for smaller donation amounts at 0.35€ + 1.5% per transaction. We need to take care of donation certificates for the donors ourselves.
    3. Can we use Betterplace? Yes, but more research is needed→ Less expensive for smaller donation amounts at 2.5% per transaction. Betterplace takes care of donation certificates for the donors while we only provide a donation certificate to Betterplace itself. Sanket Sharan will check if monthly subscription is possible from Betterplace.
    4. Should we change our account to a bank that provides a subscription possibility? Don't know → A lot more research is needed here.
  5. We need to start planning fundraising events for this year.

15min2019 Project Support 


  1. Retrospective on 2018 project support:
    1. From our own fundraising:
      1. Concern for Humanity - 4500€
      2. Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust - 3400€
    2. From Asha Global fund support:
      1. Concern for Humanity - $5137
      2. Right Start - $2260
      3. Kondh Schools - $8647
  2. We need to think about the projects that we want to support this year based on the funds we plan on raising.
15minOnline Meeting CapabilityAllSometimes it is not possible for some of the volunteers to attend the meeting in person, so it would be good to have an online meeting capability where the volunteers can join from remotely from home or anywhere else. We need to research the ways to make this happen.

Action items

  • Sanket Sharan to check if Betterplace can provide a monthly subscription service and if we can have a "Asha Frankfurt" subscription page there.  
  • All to think about the various fund raising possibilities for the year.  
  • Pavan Eswara to identify an app/tool for conducting online meetings.  

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