• Approve expenses ($200)  for GVT site visit

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15minApprove expenses for GVT Site VisitBela Vasavada
    • GVT is located in a hard to reach rural area of Gujarat. The GVT site visit was conducted last in December 2016.

      Project Steward (Bela) reached out to the entire Asha for Education Volunteer group twice (Nov. 2018 & Jan. 2019) requesting available volunteer to conduct site visit of GVT. No Asha volunteer was available to conduct the site visit.


      A relative of Asha Volunteer (Bela) is willing to conduct the GVT site visit and is requesting reimbursement of actual expenses (transportation, food, overnight stay, etc.) of up to $200 based upon receipts of expenses presented by the person conducting the site visit.


      After discussing the above agenda topic, a vote was taken to approve expenses of $200 for GVT site visit and here are the votes:


      Naresh Boga;                 Approve

      Mounika Reddy;             Approve

      Sriram Muthukumar:      Approve

      Neena:                          Approve

      Bela Vasavada:               Approve


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  1. Shankar Sadasivam confirmed that the quorum rules apply to only project disbursements and not to site visit expenses. Therefore, Bela can provide the green light to her relative to proceed with the site visit!