• Set agenda for next 2 months:
    • Setup Betterplace monthly donor page
    • Setup virtual conferencing
    • Plan spring/summer food event

Discussion items

30minMonthly Donorship

Betterplace does provide a monthly subscription system. A Betterplace project needs to be set up for this and it can be used for monthly donations. Sanket Sharan will check setup up the project and test the service first.

30minRaising Asha Frankfurt AwarenessAfter the Betterplace monthly subscription has been successfully tested, we could create a small (under 3min) video for this page and in general (i.e. can also be used for Asha Frankfurt home page and anywhere else). This will help raise awareness about Asha. We need to involve the volunteers in the video to promote and speak about Asha. We need a good camera and a microphone, and someone with a decent filming/directorial capability. Our new member Charusheela would help us with her "limited" editorial experience (smile).
15minOnline MeetingsPavan Eswara A Skype meeting has been setup and needs to be tested. After it has been tested, the idea is to alternate between online and physical meeting every two weeks. This is because it would be inconvenient and disturbing (to us and the others others) to have a Skype meeting in a restaurant.
15minFood EventAllWe need to decide on a good date to host this years food event and then check with Weltladen (or any other place) to see if the venue is available for hosting the event.

Action items

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