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  • Discussion on Site Visit Report for Shaaron School.
  • Vote on renewal of funding for Shaaron school.

Meeting Minutes

Hi All
The following is the final minutes and votes based on our meeting and votes by email.

Shaaron School Project Renewal of funding and Site Visit

Ganesh shared the proposal and site visit report with the team. He presented the progress of the school during the year. The site visit was performed by R.J.Vinoth on March 21, 2019. 

The intent of this report was to present the observations and findings of the site visit conducted to Shaaron School in Rajapalayam on 21-03-2019. In the one day spent at the school, they had the opportunity to take a note of the routine, the developments they have made with respect to their human resources, programme activities and individual personality development of the students, and the current needs and challenges they are facing. The report summarizes the same.

The site visit also focused on their immediate needs, the interaction with the teachers and the students. From what we observed, Shaaron School has been effectively utilizing the time, space and the funds they have been offered to uplift the lives of the mentally challenged children studying there. Every day matters and every single child is in a different world. The need to appoint Occupational therapist and Speech Therapist on a regular basis to ensure effective treatment to the students.

The members present for the meeting voted for the funding for 3 Teachers' and 1 Physiotherapist's salary  at the rate of Rs.15,000.00 per teacher per month for  a total of Rs. 7,20,000.00 for the whole year and if they successfully appoint an occupational ans speech thereapist, ASHA Toledo would fund them with Rs. 7,500 per month to a total of Rs. 90,000 for an year.


Ganesh: Yes

Mohini: Yes

Dr. Varanasi: Yes

Sreejit: Yes

Raj: Yes

Thihal: Yes

Krishnakant: Yes

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