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Gershon Gurin-Podlish Melli Annamalai Sadhana Kyathappala Bhavana Gallewale Akshay Bhole

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10minAnnouncements/Updates/Follow-ups from last meeting

reimbursement is still available, up to 5 people. 

Votes needed on ARC proposals

20minKattu Sithamoor Library update

Gershon provided an update on the library. He spent 5 months in india this winter. Didn't get to visit the library or the village (but he has in the past when the proposal to build was being discussed) and he was able to meet with volunteers who are involved in running the library.

Library opened Feb 22, 2019. Photos and videos were circulated among Boston vols over whatsapp.


Viveka Tribal Center for Learning renewal proposal (2018-2019)

20minSEED Narpanigal renewal proposal (2019-2020)Melli Annamalai
15minSEED PLANMelli Annamalai

I had helped two projects in Madurai (one we have supported in the past, one we are supporting now) submit proposals for the Asha ISP (Innovative and Scalable Projects) competition. The SEED PLAN proposal won a grant. (The Seed Narpanigal project came close, but did not win.)

Full list is below, SEED PLAN is the last one on the list.

I want to update the chapter, and get formal approval for funds routing purposes.

Note from the ISP team at Asha:

On Sunday, February 17, 2019, 6:26:44 PM EST, Asha Projects <> wrote:

Hi Everyone,

Please find below the list of winners of the 2018-2019 Innovative and Scalable Projects (ISP) Contest. The finalists were selected by the ISP proposal committee from a list of 28 proposals that were received following an Ashawide call for proposals.  The Central Projects Team will reach out to each individual recipient and affiliated AfE chapter in a separate email regarding next steps. 

The Central Projects Team is very grateful to the Ashawide community of volunteers who stepped up to encourage and help their Project Partners submit proposals and to the many volunteers who spent countless hours working with us to evaluate and select the winners. We are truly grateful to each and every one of you for your time and help. 

Please see below the name of the winning proposals and associated details.

Deenabandhu Teacher Resource Center
Affiliated AfE Chapter: Asha Silicon Valley
Award amount: INR 12,40,000 (USD 17,720 @ INR70/USD)

Proposal: Fund Teacher Learning Materials to improve quality of education in Govt. schools in Davangere district of Karnataka. The Learning Corner will be established in a'nodal' Govt. school. Each nodal school will be tagged with 5 to 6 schools to promote "Activity Based Experiential Learning" instead of rote learning. The ISP award will fund the scaling costs of establishing and operating 4 additional 'nodal' centers for a period of two years.

Asha Kanini
Affiliated Asha for Education Chapter: Asha Chennai
Award amount: INR 24,60,000 (USD 35,140 @ INR 70/USD)

Proposal: Development of a software app to promote technology in the classrooms in Govt. schools across TN. The app enables teachers to select content related to teaching English, Math and Science. The Asha Kanini app will be handed to the TN Govt. for dissemination in all their schools and work with them to make the project
successful. The ISP award will fund a portion of the app development cost.

STEM Land Scaling and Training Program
Affiliated AfE Chapter: Asha Bangalore
Award amount: INR 5,30,000 (USD 7560 @ INR 70/USD)

Proposal: Establish STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) centers of education in locations in and around Auroville, TN. Enable children to demonstrate learning through projects they have created in real life and through programming. Shift learning attitudes to 'want to' rather than 'have to'. The ISP award will fund the scaling costs to establish and operate 3 additional STEM Land centers over a period of 2 years.

Affiliated AfE Chapter: Asha U Florida
Award amount: INR 18,15,000 (USD 25,930 @ INR 70/USD)

Proposal: Fund a program to study the effects of anemia, nutrition and lifestyle intervention on cognitive and learning outcomes for adolescent girls in government schools in the socioeconomically depressed, rural region of Perambalur district in Tamil Nadu. The ISP award amount will fund the study for the initial minimum sample size of 500 girls.

Holistic Education Centers Madurai
Affiliated AfE Chapter: Asha Boston
Award Amount: INR 9,54,000 (13,650 @ INR 70/USD)

Proposal: Establish and operate Holistic Learning Centers across villages in and around Madurai district of TN. The centers will provide students with educational resources, supplemental teaching, extra-curricular activities, emotional and educational counseling and guidance etc. The ISP award will fund the scaling costs to establish and operate 3 additional Holistic Educational Centers.

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Central Projects Team

10 MinTracking donations for KSV coming directly online and to central treasury

Donation tracking sheets coming every month to Boston treasurer many times do not reflect online donations seen directly to the project

and donations sent to ASHA central treasury also are not tracked unless we follow up multiple times and even then it takes a few months before it comes in the monthly reports. This delays donation remittance to the project for many month. Project like KSV are dependent on these donations to run the school. Is there a better way to track donations promptly. Suggestion by central treasurer was to do the project disbursal assuming the funds are there. Should we do that.We already missed the March disbursal as the vote was subjected to monthly donation reports reflecting all of the donations. How can we make this process more efficient?

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