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Volunteer donationsPriya
  • Aneetha's contributions from Oct18 to Mar19 has been 4550 which includes her contributions and company matching.
  • Priya to monitor that Colorado Chapter continues to get those contributions.
  • Sandeep will be contributing $2000 that will be used towards funding Shisur Sevay

FinancialsPriyaWe have $23,501 in our account as of May 2019, we will receive $17,890 from the GF split in addition.

  • Considering that we will almost run out of funds with this year disbursements and we can not expect GF split to cover our disbursements for next year, we need to actively work on fundraising. Project coordinators also needs to work with other chapters to get some funding for our schools.
  • Aneetha will check with the theater company that she is involved in if they can do a fund raiser event for Asha Colorado or contribute some proceedings from their next event to Asha Colorado.
  • Sandeep and Priya to check with Vishy to find out if we can partner with RFAA in any fund raising events.

Roles and ResponsibilitiesJimIn next meeting we plan to discuss how we can have Umit take ownership of few tasks

Project FundingAll
  • We discussed and voted to fund the following projects/amounts
  • Send INR11,77,600($17,108) to Vidyodaya for school year 2019- 2020 as they requested which will be used towards transportation for primary school and Vocational course for High School. Votes: Yes-6, No-0
  • Send INR6,88,600($10,000) to PRAYAS for school year Nov 2018 - Mar 2019 for educating 116 kids. Votes: Yes-6, No-0
  • Send INR 2,75,300($4,000) to Shisur Sevay that will be used towards Educational supplies, enrichment course and field trips for Apr 2019 - Mar 2020. Votes: Yes-6, No-0
  • Send INR 4,13,000($6000) to Pudiyador for running after school program for school year Apr 2019 - Mar 2020. Votes: Yes-6, No-0

Action items


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