10:00 AM to 12:00 PM


Chicago Public Library,

Lincoln park branch


Revathi, Vikram , Natalie, Vivek (remote), Hema (remote), Harshita (remote)


1. Projects' review - 1 hour
2. Fundraising, Recruitment, Communication verticals update - 1 hour

Discussion items

Project Navjyoti

We have been supporting Navjyoti for almost 20 years now and supported ~ $374,000 till date including various infrastructure which made them RTE complaint. Given the funding issues in the future and the diminishing credibility from the project partners, the team feels that it's right time to end the project.

This scenario also poses various questions on how we want to regulate projects and help them sustain in the long term so Asha can use the funds for seeding various initial projects by spreading across diverse areas in India. Some of the open ended questions are:

  • Should we set a time limit to fund any new project upfront to set expectations?
  • How to help make the projects self-sustainable - supporting how long is long enough to consider withdrawing back from the project.
  • What are the indicators should we look for in the project to get a hint of sustainable local funds when they do not tell upfront about other funds.
  • How to initiate thinking towards any sustainable aspects with the project partners?
  • What standard measures can we take internally to make sure we maintain credibility of projects(ex: for big projects crossing certain threshold, request audit report every year to fund next year)
Project Swadhar

Vivek submitted the budget for Swadhar for the year 2019-2020.( including Asha Community Center Budget as well as Mohor Budget )

Total INR 7,04,556 for ACC + Mohor (INR 70,000 + INR 6,34,556)

Budget increase slightly from last year because of inflation. All other elements are the same.

Agreed to disburse 60% during first disbursal(INR 4,22,734) and remaining 40%(INR 2,81,822) during the second disbursal.

Votes :

Yes - Revathi, Vikram, Harshita, Hema, Natalie, Vivek (6)

No - 0

Kaiz voted yes through email after the meeting (Email updated in the footnotes of this page)

Project Tiyas

This is a new project in Kolkata supported by other Asha chapters. They have reached out to us for one-time infrastructure support. In the proposed budget, we agreed we can fund infrastructure for one classroom, one library room and one office room coming close to 8.55 lakhs details below:

One office room - 1,71,000/-

One library room 3,42,000/-

One classroom 3,42,000/-

Votes :

Yes - Revathi, Vikram, Harshita, Hema, Natalie, Vivek

Project Gramya

Need someone to do site visit for Gramya. Please reach out to Payal or me if anyone would like to go for the visit.

Fundraising - Chicago Marathon

  • 25 charity entry - 1 own entry

  • Total funds raised as of first timeline $9800 (some are waiting on company match)

  • Highest funds raised $1400 by Satya Reddy

  • Next step is to update the runners training details to the Trainer

  • Need to find another trainer as we are not sure if Cameli can give long term commitment.

  • Fundraising is bit slow in the first timeline but it will increase in the second and third as runners start their training.

  • Call runners who have not yet started the fundraising yet. (6 not yet started)

  • We need one more Volunteer to coordinate (I can support him/her)

  • Plan for In-person chat with the trainer and runners.

  • Thanks picture from the kids

  • Need to create a task sheet for the new volunteers

  • We need to give immediate task as soon as they join

  • I’m still following up the new volunteers to assign some task but hard to track them after the first call.  

  • We have 2 new volunteers.

Dance fundraiser

In talks with bollywood grove and BollyX for organizing a dance fundraiser. BG charging flat fee of $150 with instructor fees and studio rental.

Possibly end of April

If we choose BG, we just need to create flyer, publicize through social media and fill the spots.

Day of the event - 3 volunteers

Ideas post dance event - raffle or any other activity - suggestions welcome

Asha Conference

Asha conference happening in June in Chicago. Need volunteers initially to coordinate food, accommodation and rides. Need more volunteers leading upto conference. Good exposure to the central team activities and lot of networking with other chapters.

On Mar 26, 2019, at 8:40 AM, Kaiz <> wrote:

My vote is a YES.



On Mar 24, 2019, at 1:51 PM, Vivek Iyer <> wrote:

Hello team -  I need one more YES vote to complete the budget approval for Swadhar; received 5 YES and 0 NO votes at chapter meeting yesterday. Please email me with your vote and any questions you may have so I can get this processed. 


From: Vivek Iyer
Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2019 4:18 PM
To:; Asha for Education Chicago Chapter
Subject: swadhar budget updated


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