Total Votes : 4 (Anuradha, Abhyuday, Padmanava & Gayathri)

Date & Time of Conference Call : May 13th 2012, 10 am EST (Attended by Abhyuday, Anuradha & Padmanava; Gayathri voted by Email)

Minutes :

  • All three polls are Voted upon
  • The Chapter Health Questionnaire is discussed and submitted
  • The details of policy are read and will be sent across Chapter groups
  • The questions for the Project Monitoring proposal is explained and discussed
  • Poll1 - All Yes; Poll 2 - All Yes  [ Yes 4, No :0]
  • Notes regarding Poll 3
    • Voting results [4 Yes] for Questions
      • A site visit must be done every 12/18/24 months for projects within 50 kms of a major city with population>10,00000 by a reliable source
      • Dedicated people in India can be used to conduct site visits for Asha projects to provide critical feedback (in addition to, and not as a replacement for volunteer site visits).
      • There must be atleast one call between the chapter and project partner for new projects
    • Voting results [3 No 1 Yes] for Question
      • For a new project, the site visit must be done by an Asha Volunteer
    • All other Questions with Yes/No/Abstain options are answered with Vote [3 Yes, 1 Abstain] 
    • 3 Yes Votes for All site visit requirements of 24 Months by Vol/Person and 36 months for Asha Volunteer
  • Comments regarding Poll 3 
    • The question "For a new project, the site visit must be done by an Asha Volunteer" is Voted NO but it is recommended to have A Site Visit by Asha Vol for new Project Partner. Since, Asha has a history of starting new projects with existing partners, adding this requirement may hinder the growth according to majority of Atlanta Vols.
    •  The question "A site visit must be done every 12/24/36 months for rural projects (more than 50 km away from any city with population>10,00000) by a reliable source " : "24 Months" is voted with the assumption that Chapter should be proactive after 12 months to find a vol/person to visit the rural project.
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