Total Votes : 4 (Anuradha, Abhyuday, Padmanava & Gayathri)

Minutes :

  • All Five polls are Voted upon
  • The details of policy are read and are sent across Chapter groups
  • Historical Atlanta admin expenses are discussed for Poll 4.
  • Proposal 1: Poll1 - All Yes; Poll 2 - All Yes; Poll 3 - All Yes; Poll 4 - 3%  [ Yes 4, No :0]
  • Proposal 2: All Yes [ Yes 4, No :0]

Email Sent to Chapter groups (by Anuradha on 7th November 2014):

This is a very important email that requires your vote. 
The vote concerns fundamental changes to the accounting practices of Asha. As a non-profit, our organizational expenses are roughly $150,000 annually (accounting expenses, audits, state registrations, banking expenses, web infrastructure, site visits etc). Based on previous years accounts, our annual overheads are around 3.3%. This is a necessary yet significant expense that we need to figure out a method to pay for without running the risk of liability. 

Link to proposal: Asha Admin Funds and Organizational Overheads Policy

A quick summary of the proposed changes are listed below along with the vote questions. I strongly encourage you to go through the main proposal in the link below before voting.
(1) We will move to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) non-profit accounting practices. General donations online without any project or chapter attribution can be treated as unrestricted funds and can be used towards funding all the organizational overheads. Project-specific donations will continue to be restricted funds and will not be used towards overheads. A significant outcome of the proposed changes is that we will no longer be able to claim "Zero Overheads'. We will also not be able to claim that '100% of aLL donations go to projects' and all chapters should remove 'Zero Overhead on Donations' or any such connotations from their websites/publicity materials. 
Vote 1: Please vote Yes or No to this proposal.
(2) Measures have been proposed to limit organizational overhead to ~3.3%. All organizational admin overheads will be from General Funds and accounted for centrally.
Any expenses outside of those specified in item 1 above can be made by a majority decision of the Asha-wide coordination team and will be broadcast to all Asha-wide groups to ensure transparency and accountability. The guiding principle behind any decision would always be our core values of 'Very low organizational overheads', 'No personal benefit' and adherence to our 'Conflict of Interest' policy.
Vote 2: Please vote Yes or No to the proposed measures for organizational overheads.
(3) In addition to receiving admin funds from Asha Central, local chapters will need to decide on how to restrict and yet allocate some very important chapter level admin funds  (PO box expenses, some site visit expenses, event costs, PR/publicity costs etc). 
Vote 3: Please vote Yes or No - Should chapters be allowed to use the funds restricted to chapter (by donor) for additional admin overheads at the chapter level?
(4) Finally, chapters need to decide individually on what % of unrestricted chapter funds can be used towards chapter admin overhead. (a) 1% (b) 2% (c) 3% of total chapter income of the prior financial year. For e.g. in 2013, Atlanta's admin expenses were ~$500 (online promotions, partial site visit costs etc). Our annual unrestricted funds income is ~$20,000. 
Vote 4: Please vote your choice of % accordingly.

II. A second proposal that requires your vote is how to penalize a chapter for ARC non-compliance. All chapters MUST vote on ARC polls. Current ARC guidelines penalize non-compliant chapters with a hold on transactions until the 'next ARC cycle" that usually lasts anywhere from 4-6 months. Chapter also lose some privileges such as matching funds from central etc. 

Link to proposal: ARC non-compliance reform

Some of the proposed amendments to the chapters that do not vote before an ARC poll deadline are:
(1) A temporary (until results are published) 'hold' will be put on any transactions of that chapter with Asha wide Treasury, Projects and Web team.
(2) If non-compliant consecutively for two times, then chapter is considered as abandoned and will be closed by the Secretary team. Examples of cases where the chapter penalties can be removed include, but are not limited to, a new chapter unaware of the ARC process, a new chapter started only in the 2nd half of the year, a dormant chapter reviving under a fresh set of volunteers etc.
Please go through the attached link and let me know if you Vote YES or NO to approve the proposed changes for proposal II.
Please reply back to me with your vote for the above 5 questions. Thank you for your time and attention to this very very important matter.

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