0. Ratification of July minutes.

1. Updates from Trimble.

2. Accounts updates.

3. Approval of the updated allocation. I have updated the allocations table with the May 31st balance. That is the only change. I have attached the financial report here.

4. Asha Kanini updates

  • Paper by IIT interns in T4E 2019.
  • Asha Kanini new version to be release. New version of the server already released.
  • Next steps.

5. Sick leave salary for Janova.

6. Updates on new schools from Sangamam, Poorna Vidhya, Pearl and Thulasi.

7. ICC. Venkatraman can we have this agenda item?

8. Libraries. Broader discussion on our plans. Various options etc. Would take this up if Paripooranam will also be there for the meeting.

If we have time we will take up discussion on the following items.

9. Teacher training and English assignments. Broader discussion on our plans etc.

10. Attrition and pay raises for teachers.

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