0. Ratification of August minutes.

1. Accounting / Registration updates.

  • 2019-20 audit.
  • Asha South India registration.
  • Checklists / US transfers.

2. Fundraising Updates

  • Trimble
  • Ford and L&T
  • Other opportunities

3. Loan requests

  • Sailaja -- Rs 50000 for building new group house.
  • Madhumitha -- Rs 30000.

4. Office for Thulasi and Pearl.
5. Proposal for training govt teachers on Asha Kanini. Proposal is attached. Trying and raise funds through IIT / MHRD etc.6. Sangamam Rajatalab updates on status and funding.

7. Update on training.

8. Strategy for making our products and processes available to all government schools. (Will take this up if time permits.)

9. Chapter agreement with AfE. I have attached it here. I will have to sign it along with other volunteers shortly.

10. Decision on fund allocation and US transfer of funds for RightStart.

11. Selecting an SMS service for our Asha Kanini registration. Really just need input from people who have some experience with this. May not be suitable for the monthly meeting. I am just utilising the opportunity to get the opinion of all the people from one place.

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