1. Written Assessments in Feb.

2. Various updates: Term III training, Project Sangamam, Trimble funding, Asha trust registration, Karadi path, Hariksha, Poorna Vidhya etc.

3. Setting up an internal complaints committee for handling any staff complaints.

4. Loan applications.

  • Nishanthi -- Rs 50,000 for marriage related expenses.
  • Seetha -- Rs 100,000 for house repair.
  • Madhumitha -- Rs 20,000 for education (doing her BEd)
  • Nirmala -- Rs 30,000 for purchase of scooter for Asha use.
  • Loans for smartphones for teachers (Rs 6000 per teacher).

5. Sugadharam proposals to Glovis and Trimble. These are attached here.

6. Leave tracking and attendance system. Plans for how we handle these things.

7. Sangamam Kanini changes -- Two student projects -- laptops for them -- office space.

8. Proposal from Asha - Rajatalab.

9. ARC proposal for 1H2019.

10. Asha India Conference

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