1. Financial Report for 2018-19. (Attached here)

2. Asha Impressions plan.

3. RightStart plan. Proposal not ready. Will discuss plan and approve tentative funding.

4. Asha UP volunteers visit. Rajatalab Computer Teaching proposal attached.

5. Loans
    -- Geetha (50000)
    -- Rajkumari (Scholarship or loan or 40000).
    -- Anusuya (50000)
    -- Santhasophya (50000)
    -- Dharani (30000)
    -- Srinivasan for office false ceiling. (40000).

6. Teacher salary increment for 2019-20.

7. Admin expense plan and aportioning the salaries of Moorthy and Malliga.

8. Review of 18-19 excess plan and 19-20 proposal for Glovis Sangamam. Find the Feb-Mar expense details that also has the excess plan and the budget for 2019-20 attached.

9. Thulasi excess plan and proposal review. Find the expense details with excess plan and the proposal attached.

10. Poorna Vidhya proposal review. Proposal attached here.

11. Scholarship discussion on the following broad parameters.

  • Number of students.
  • Scholarship vs. tuition centre models.
  • Any restrictions on the type of students?
  • Scholarship slabs.

12. ARC poll -- Bhaskar to send details.

13. Asha US Conference June plan. Currently planned agenda attached.

14. Written Assessments update. Data analytics internship.

15. Funding opportunities
    -- German Giz through Frankfurt, 
    -- Trimble.
    -- Kripa Dwaraknath.

The meeting is likely to be a long one given the proposal reviews as well as the number of other agenda items. If required we will arrange for lunch. The May meeting is also likely to be a long one because of the remaining project proposals.

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