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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 11th August 2017



SC 359


  1. Sudarshan Ghonge

  2. Prasoon Suchandra

  3. Dhwanil Shukla

  4. Anish Mukherjee

  5. Shashidhar Ravishankar

  6. Anusha Harish

  7. Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee

  8. Anuradha Bulusu

  9. Adwait Mane




Last Meeting Follow-up


New Business


Tapo - the conference gives you a bigger perspective, the target of AshaGT should be to work towards getting involved in projects. We should not burn volunteers out with a lot of fundraising events. All chapters, have fundraising events but their major focus is on projects. Volunteers should not get burnt out.


Tapo - In our events we want to bring in the project aspect of it.

Arka - How would be do this? Get involved in the project?

Tapo - Go to the Asha website and read into the project details, And shadow elder volunteers.

Tapo - Everyone in Asha started out at a university chapter.

Anish - During marketing an event market a project.

Action Items

Vote on scale of dusherra

Change doodle.

Create the project whatsapp

Compile projects list

Enforce trello

Have facebook

Grad expo have people like the facebook page before getting swag


Compile videos for dusherra

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