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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 11th March 2016



Meeting minutes for future event and

Ideas for future event in April (need to find a window)

  1. Party

  2. Dumbcharades

  3. Dance+karoake


Prasoon speaking about how he volunteers for giving water stop to runners

  • Give gatorade and water

  • If someone wants to volunteer - Aditi, Prasoon, Tapo, Sarvani, Arka,


Rachit talks - runners only know rachit, prasoon, arka and dhwanil, cheering is making runners feel more loved, they can go out and publicise running, we have 4 spots where we can have cheering,  roadblocks on, can have cheerer, nearby parking place.

  • Only 1 person for marathon full, half marathon route different for full marathon. After run thing gets over, we are planning to go cafe bombay.

  • Cheerers carry water bottle, camera, tissue paper.

Running transition - we need 2 people to take up Rachit’s role, planning the routes, actual training program, how much they are going to run each weekend, where will be the water stops, letting runners know , Tapo says alternate planning route with water stops, then Rachit asks, why would runners associate with Asha ?

Tapo says a lot more time commitment EVERY saturday, so alternate solution is to have 1 volunteer do 1 saturday every month,

Tapo says time commitment, Rachit says running is more publicity,

Geet says different runners for 2 diff races,


Rachit goes to board - we have 2 races, Nov and March,

Nov- heat, 6-7 am starting, summer people go

March - cold, Dec break, 10am , problem is to get people to register.

Put up a program saying we do it for only PUblix marathon,


Calculation about number of water giving volunteers:

  1. First 3-4 miles, no water stops

  2. If half marathon,

  3. Pick 1 race a year, - a lot of volunteer commitment, then donor commitment,

  4. We need 2 volunteer per Sat, 8 vols per month. August


What is maximum time required every saturday? Tapo asks.

Tapo explains nominations, 1 min pitch, voting online -

  1. Tapo asks if anyone has any issues Mayank and Anish for co-president


Dhwanil : 2nd year PhD AE, being on time is his strength, been here all the meetings consistently. Can take meeting minutes, takes minutes diligent. Understands 4 languages, will be prompt on emails and whatsapp. Communication he feels has to be clear.


To question about regular communication example he gave for volunteers event planning communication sent a few weeks before the event, while for for to general public 1 week before.


Ribhu - Hi tapo-da I won't be able to make the meeting tomorrow, since I've been nominated for VP-Communications can you just pass this message along to everyone at the meeting tomorrow:


Hi everyone sorry I'm not delivering this message in person but in light of my nomination for the VP-Communications position I would just like to let you all know that I do have a great amount of experience in handling a Facebook page and understand how to utilize it as a big tool to help our chapter grow. Also as it has been mentioned many times by the current board all the work is shared amongst us all so as long as we all work together as a chapter to help ASHA raise money and expand its horizons, it does not matter who holds positions and who does not. Thank you to everyone who nominated me and sorry again for not delivering this in person

Aditi VP finance - 1st yr masters student, joined Asha last semester Sept or OCt, running for finance, reason to do that, maybe sometime in future likes to make an NGO, good with words, how to project Asha and how we can expand to get more volunteers, right out of undergrad, small scale , eager to learn, have learned a lot, vote of thanks. Being a part of Asha has heleped her a lot.


Bahnisikha - marketing, operations and logistics

2nd year bioE PhD, she does not who did that nomination. Marketing is off the wheel, her first priority, she woudl market Asha little better, Asha is not a hierarchical organization, so if anything also, all the 3 same thing for you.getting more volunteers, events to recruit, advertise, 5-10 mins to talk to people in events


Geet - operations and logistics

3rd year PhD in ISYE. Was VP finance for last session, we did a good job, several events, works on the problems we faced, Operations would synchronize events for better. Better food estimates, sustain this running program, its notnjustn repsonsiblity of trainer task done by volunteers. Various events night, food night.


Sarvani - applying for logistics, PhD 3rd year, supply chain specializations, research in logistics, she can commit more time this time around, done with coursework, deliver and when required. Can work in teams.

Example - logistical


Yash - pitch Tapo is saying, PhD student in robotics , communications and game day sessions, everyone seen his emails, this year he wants to do logistics



Tapo asked people to give priority, calls, Aditi is the only candidate for finance (her 1st priority), does not want to run for marketing

Next Banhisikha - since Aditi has withdrawn from marketing, she is the only remaining nomination for marketing. She accepted and withdrew from the rest of the nominations.

Geet only remaining candidate for operations, accepts it.


Voting for logistics and communications begin :)

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