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  • Asha Atlanta General Meeting, 13th September 2017





  1. Dussehra Launch details

  2. Running program

  3. State wise Projects list

  4. ARC proposal

  5. Asha town hall

  6. Asha mailing lists

  7. GTSF funding

  8. Sponsorship

  9. Trello check up

Last Meeting Follow-up


New Business


  • Dussehra marketing

    • Admin rights of grad admit groups

    • Fliers distribution through GT housing department

    • Marketing through graduate/department coordinators

    • FB groups of Indians in and around Atlanta

    • Newsletter-type marketing

    • Marketing through Anoush

    • Mention about Gujarat’s floods rehabilitation

  • Dussehra food - Masti - Sudarshan

  • Dussehra - Event attractions

    • MCs

    • 6 submissions (till Sept 13) for the event

    • Rearrange the flow of the program

  • Running program

    • Runners’ page/website/registration by mid-Oct (target)

    • Another meeting (after few running sessions) to get feedback from the coaches

  • Projects

    • Asha project list - to be discussed in vols’ meeting too

    • ARC examples, discussed by Shashi

  • GTSF proposal ideas - Expanding running program, web development/hackathalon etc (could be discussed in next vols’ meet)

Action Items

  1. Check up with Sudarshan on Masti rates

  2. Event attraction details by Anusha

  3. GTSF discussion

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